Minimalism And The Art Of Simplicity

Living Room Trends Minimalism

The concept of minimalism is not something that just became popular recently. Today, minimalism has become a way of living for many and is not just a trend that faded out after the documentary lost momentum.

With timeless aesthetic principles, minimalism will continue to dominate interior designs because of the focus on essential things that enhances our happiness.

Because minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean to own as little as possible or just using black and white tones, it is wrong to assume that minimal interiors are cold and boring. It is rather the opposite. Even beyond 2022, we will see interior trends continue using simple lines, paired with sophisticated color choices that will spread elegance and calmness to the mind. In combination of strong color contrasts and the use of natural materials, minimalism develops even more charm.

Soft Shapes And Rounded Corners

Living Room Trends Soft Shapes – Vaugirard Residence

In recent years, we have seen the kawaii-culture slowly taking over western cultures with cute appearances and playful personalities. Many tech products like the latest Apple Homepods are increasingly showing off softer shapes with vibrant colors.

The trend has been going on for a while and was most likely initiated in the digital space with App designs receiving UI treatments that are dominated by big rounded corners, punchy gradients and bold colors (like the Pitch App).

It wouldn’t take long to realize that this trend will continue penetrate into our physical living space. We will see more designers applying playful principles to furnitures by giving them softer appearances to convey a stronger feel of comfort. Soft shapes paired with classic colors becomes a new sense of elegance. This trend of smooth shaped interiors will not only be something reserved for private homes but most likely become more visible in public places as well.

Back In Time – The Love For Vintage

Living Room Trends Vintage

Retro lovers are re-living another renaissance these days. With the rise of Boho, organic materials and greenery, vintage objects have never been more popular. With the increasing care for our planet, people are going back in time and looking for aged objects with faded colors and rusty metals. We can even see this trend in social media where people are tired of the perfect curated shots and lean towards more spontaneous images with bleached out colors. This trend has been growing in recent years and continue to do so with renown brands such as Fujifilm making the contribution by designing retro looking cameras.

But it is not just about helping the planet or saving money but a big element about going vintage is also the historic aspect. Old objects infuse the space with personality and tell stories that products made by Ikea can’t.

Bold Colors And Stark Contrasts

Living Room Trends Bold Colors and Contrasts

This is the complete opposite of what we’ve seen in our first point about minimalism. As always, things would be too boring if no one steps out of the box and everyone would walk into the same direction. And so we see bold colors for furnitures and wall paints becoming part of the most courageous interiors. This trend was quietly taking over office spaces of many influential companies in the world like Google and it looks like this trend is continue to impact private homes as well.

Because people have been spending more time inside these days, all sorts of creative endeavour are happening with people redecorating and restructuring their entire interiors. Over time, always keeping things tidy and super organized like Matt D’Avella can drive some people nuts and so they just need to live out their inner Picasso.

In times where most of us have to work from home, creating a space that encourages creativity and gives comfort to reduce stress is crucial.

Connecting With Nature And Our Essence

Living Room Trends Natural Materials

In undoubtedly stressful and unpredictable times, people are seeking comfort in going back to the roots and connecting with their true nature. Mediation and mindfulness has become more popular than ever and we can see this drift in behavior also reflecting in the design of our external environment.

In recent years, taking care of the soul means surrounding ourselves with things that increases our vibration and frequency. Plants and natural materials like wood and stones are perfectly matching the need to move away from everything that is too artificial and constructed and helps us to go inside and connect us with our intuition.

The Fusion Of Work And Life

Living Room Trends Home Office

People talk a lot about work life balance, but the truth is that both worlds are increasingly merging together, considering the current state of the world (2020-2022).

People start to enjoy the time where they don’t have to commute 2h a day and put more energy into designing their perfect space at home that gives them comfort and productivity at the same time. 

Even when the pandemic is over one day, there is no sign that this trend will be slowing down, because most companies have adapted to remote work. People have also realized the strong benefits of having their own personalized work space instead commuting to the grey office cubicle every day.

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