The right office decor and products can boost the energy of the room and create a happier work environment in your office – which is sometimes where need boosts of energy most. If you want to revamp your office space and make it more aesthetic, keep reading to learn action steps to start decorating your workspace, and get new ideas for decor products. Let’s get into it!

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Essentials That Are Comfortable and Aesthetically Pleasing

1. Statement Chair

Every office needs that one piece of furniture that is both ergonomic and eye-catching. A desk chair is a great way to achieve this need. To find a “statement chair”, look for a well-reviewed office chair that has one or more of the following aesthetic qualities:

  • A unique texture, like fur or suede
  • A unique shape that supports your back
  • A color that pops
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2. Office Sofa

For people who like to recline and read, or even just take a break to think during the workday, an office sofa is a game-changer. With an elegant velvet upholstery or even a simple linen fabric, a loveseat/sofa can make an office more inviting. 

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3. Textured Area Rug

Don’t neglect the floor decor in your office! Using a rug can instantly create major impact on the feeling you have in your office. Implementing a textured area rug, such as a shag or fluffy rug in a muted color, can balance the design elements in the room. It also works as a comfortable place to rest your feet as you spend the day working or an ideal nap spot if that’s what you prefer to do during breaks. 😉

office decor to boost energy shag rug
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4. Touch Lamp 

Touch lamps take convenience to the next level, which is important when you’re balancing a work life. Whether it’s a floor lamp or desk lamp, a sleek touch-design light fixture can make it easy to adjust the brightness in the room as per your working needs. These 3-way touch control lamps from Amazon are understated but still have some personality. They’re also perfect for the office because they have USB ports, so you can keep your devices charged.

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Surround Yourself With Beautiful Wall Art

5. One-Line Artwork

For those who work from home offices, having a space that is personalized is important. That’s why we recommend the addition of a minimalist, black-and-white line drawing artwork of your city’s skyline.  It’s minimalist enough to match the other design elements in your office, and it adds something unique to the space. 

Landingpage NYC Skyline Office
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6. Framed Corkboard

Corkboards are efficient office pieces, but to make these somewhat boring wall hangings more aesthetically pleasing, you might consider framing with an ornate or decorative frame. Find a gold or bronze baroque-style frame, like this one, and cut a sheet of cork to match the frame’s dimensions. Put the sheet in the frame and omit the glass to create a stylish cork board.

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7. Gallery Wall

If you’re looking for a more colorful or artistic vibe, consider curating a gallery wall above your desk. Acquiring artworks that complement each other can provide some inspiration throughout the day and keep you from getting bored staring at a white wall. Thankfully, there are many bundles you can purchase in your style that include multiple art pieces – no searching around for the perfect combinations required!

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office decor to boost energy matisse gallery wall
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8. Wall Shelves

Depending on the style you want in your office space, different types of wall shelves can create a different type of interior design. But mainly, wall shelves open up the space in an office where a bulky bookcase might otherwise be. 
Floating wall shelves are great for containing clutter, or displaying your favorite books and items for your Zoom background. 

Bring the Outside In With Nature Office Decor

9. Plants

Plants are surprisingly ideal for office spaces, especially in rooms that get sufficient natural light. Choose the right one, and you won’t have to water it often. Foliage can really enhance a neutral or a colorful theme in an office. 
A potted indoor plant, such as Zeylanica snake plant, might just add the balance you need to your interior design plans. 

office decor to boost energy snake plant
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10. Planter Bookends

If you want a more versatile decor option when it comes to potted plants, you might instead consider using bookends that double as small planters. 
Bookends such as these ceramic beauties combine functionality with simple design. It’s a good option for those who like to keep their books close by on their desks.

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11. Flowers 

While the idea of including fresh flowers in your office on a regular basis sounds like too much maintenance, you can find high-quality fake (silk) flowers, too. A good set with colors and textures that match the rest of the office can create a more airy and lively vibe. There are plenty of makers on Etsy who sell surprisingly realistic and beautiful fake flower bouquets to try out.

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12. Plant Wall Art 

Although indoor plants, succulents, and flowers are the traditional way to decorate an office, you could also create wall art out of foliage. There are lots of ideas to choose from, including succulent wall displays, wall moss art, and wall planters for air plants. Depending on how thick or sparse you want the indoor foliage to be, you have options to incorporate into your personal office space.

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Pops of Color To Brighten Your Mood

13. Glass Paperweight 

Paperweights haven’t totally gone out of style, and for people who desire a more vintage aesthetic, they can be a great design piece. Items such as this iridescent pyramid paperweight, for example, can even be a conversation starter to sit atop your next pile of paperwork.

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14. Crystal Suncatcher 

Suncatchers bring a bit of the outside world into what might otherwise be a stuffy office space. A clear, crystal piece hung from your window can cast flecks of light and rainbows across the room at different hours of the day. 
It’s a small decor piece, but it makes a huge difference in the liveliness of an office. 

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15. Decorative Pencil Cup

Any desk is going to require a couple of pencils or pens. And with a pencil cup that actually matches the rest of the decor in the room, you can have more interior design harmony. Level up your stationery by replacing your traditional wire cups and shelves with beautiful, artisan creations.

office decor to boost energy aesthetic concrete pen cups
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Small Touches That Make a Big Impact

16. Jar Storage 

With a minimalist look and added functionality, a set of jars can make your desk a little bit less boring. Get a set of clear jars with colorful or metallic lids to match your space – like these ones – and fill them with paperclips, thumbtacks, and more.

Productivity Tip: Fill your jars with candy or a treat you love, so when you accomplish a task you can reward yourself!

home office ideas candy jar reward
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17. Upgraded Trash Can

Although you can’t really argue that a trash can is a piece of decor, you can upgrade your plastic bin to a more design-worthy option. Consider a bin that hides the trash bag and trash or one with a color that matches the overall scheme in your home office. Doing so will at least make the trash look more like a piece that belongs among the other furniture and decor.

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Hopefully, these office decorating ideas have inspired you to personalize and enhance your own office. These options usually don’t require extensive installation, but they will definitely transform a room.