What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a style of interior design that is inspired by the rustic, cozy feel of country homes. It’s meant to be a homey space that makes you want to curl up in front of the fire with a good book, while your loaf of bread is baking in the oven.

cottagecore aesthetic interior design kitchen baking
Photo: Tumblr – Fireside Cottage

You have likely heard of Cottagecore; the term (also known as Farmcore or Countrycore) became mainstream on Instagram and TikTok during lockdowns, simply because people were longing for comfort and nostalgia. While the lockdowns have ended (🙌🏽), the love for Cottagecore hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact, if you’re familiar with the Nintendo game, Animal Crossing, Cottagecore is easily the most common island theme because of it’s cute look and cozy feeling it evokes.

cottagecore aesthetic interior design animal crossing theme
Photo: Kyuubi Crossing

The Cottagecore look includes soft materials like rugs, blankets and pillows—and warm colors like creams and pinks — with an overall relaxed vibe. It also has romantic elements like floral prints (and lots of plants), and decor items that are vintage, rather than modern.

cottagecore aesthetic interior design bedroom
Photo: The Sorry Girls

The greatest part of this aesthetic is that you can create it in your home or apartment, even if you don’t live in a cute cottage in a wildflower meadow (#goals). I’ll share all the best tips to give your modern home a Cottagecore aesthetic.

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What is needed for a cottagecore aesthetic?

Go for natural materials

In order to create a cottage-like aesthetic, you should use natural materials. Wood and stone are obvious choices, but there are other natural options that can help you achieve this look as well. A few examples include wool, linen, cotton and silk; cork or bamboo flooring; jute and sisal rugs or curtains.

cottagecore aesthetic interior design natural materials
Photo: Love Property

Home full of romance

An important element of creating a cottage-style home is adding a touch of romanticism. The easiest way to do this is by adding accessories like floral prints and soft colors.

There really is no wrong way to add romance to your home: place fresh flowers in each nook and cranny, use floral wallpaper and bedding, use pastel colored fabrics or decor, light candles in each room, the list goes on.

cottagecore aesthetic interior design romantic bedroom
Photo: Foyr

Think vintage

There is a large thrifting movement these days, which means you can often find wonderful vintage items at thrift shops, flea markets and antique stores. Vintage pieces have a history behind them and often have stories to be told—which is what Cottagecore is all about: nostalgia. The Cottagecore aesthetic makes you feel like you’re back in time, and what better way to ‘time travel’ than by having items in your home that have a unique story?

cottagecore aesthetic interior design living room
Photo: Pinterest

Color Palette of Pastels and Muted Hues

The Cottagecore aesthetic has a color palette that’s reminiscent of a meadow filled with wildflowers on a sunny day. Think light pinks, greens, creams, and blues. The more muted or pastel the colors, the better. You can add a darker green or blue to create contrast, but black is typically never seen in Cottagecore design.

cottagecore aesthetic interior design color palette

Layer Your Textures

We tend to write a lot about minimalism here at EverlineArt, but Cottagecore is quite the opposite. Cottagecore = MORE. So instead of taking away items and creating clean lines, you can use many different textures in all of your spaces. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Create a gallery wall, layer multiple rugs, and place books, flowers, and blankets on every open shelf.

cottagecore aesthetic interior design fabrics layers
Photo: Rhythm of the Home

Bring the Outside In

No flowers means no Cottagecore aesthetic – it’s pretty much a rule that flowers be displayed in order for your aesthetic to be considered Cottagecore. Whether your flowers are displayed in vintage vases or on your wallpaper, all that matters is that you have a touch here and there.

cottagecore aesthetic interior design wallpaper
Photo: Dylan Thomas

Here are some delicate flowers that would perfectly fit your new aesthetic. If you don’t have a green thumb or you would rather have flowers that are low maintenance, you can always opt for dried flowers (baby’s breath is perfect for Cottagecore).

cottagecore aesthetic interior design bouquet flowers
Photo: Wedding Chicks

Cottagecore isn’t just an aesthetic, it’s a vibe

You can have flowers, knitted blankets, and vintage pieces throughout your home – but that’s only part of what makes your home Cottagecore. This aesthetic isn’t just about having particular items, it’s about the vibe, the energy, and what you do in your home.

1. Mindset

Cottagecore has a vibe of calmness, moving slowly throughout your day, and romance. Imagine yourself growing your own food outside in your garden, becoming close with nature and animals, and writing poetry during your spare time. Your homemade bread is baking in the oven and you’re reading Little Women to candlelight while cuddling with your cat.

cottagecore aesthetic interior design picnic
Photo: Pexels

2. Fashion

When it comes to your Cottagecore wardrobe, think frilly, flowy, and flirty. Fill your closet with dresses and blouses that are natural fabrics, pastel colors, and maybe have a touch of lace or ruffles.

cottagecore aesthetic interior design fashion
Photo: Poshmark

3. Food

Bake, bake, bake! It’s impossible to create a Cottagecore vibe without having some sort of baked bread or pastry involved. Cottagecore baked goods are usually breads, delicate pastries, or fruity desserts (likely from berries grown in your garden). Time to channel your Grandma, put on a cute apron, and bake some lovely pastries.

cottagecore aesthetic interior design recipe illustration 1 e1658297386913
Photo: Caryn Dahm

4. Ambience

One of the last steps to complete your Cottagecore aesthetic is to fill your home with the right music. Thankfully, there are plenty of Cottagecore videos on YouTube with soft music and birds chirping to create the perfect ambience in your home.

Cottage Charm

Cottaging is a popular choice for those who want to make their rooms feel cozy and homey, but still want to have the appearance of being modern and stylish. And why wouldn’t you? After all, cottages are beautiful and have a special charm that anyone would want in their home. Thankfully, you can easily create this charm in your modern home: soft colors, flowers, vintage pieces, and a romantic energy are the key ingredients to turning your house into a Cottagecore home.