One of the most popular trends in home decor is the “floating frame” look for TV’s. This style, popularized by Samsung’s “The Frame” TV, allows the television to blend seamlessly into the wall when it’s not in use, making it look more like a piece of art than a piece of technology, which is especially popular for people looking to create a unique or modern aesthetic in their home.

But, would you rather pay over $1,000 for the official Frame TV – OR – $7 for a DIY washi tape frame that gives almost the exact same look?

If you chose the latter, we’ll share exactly how you can create a stylish TV frame using any color washi tape you want. Washi tape is perfect for creating a TV frame because it’s easy to apply, remove, and re-apply, so you can change the look of your TV whenever you want!

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Washi Tape Frame gallery wall tv display
Photo: Designer Trapped

What You Need For A Washi Tape Frame

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own DIY TV frame using washi tape:

  • Washi tape (choose a pattern and color that you like)
  • Measuring tape or a ruler
  • Scissors or razor blade
  • A clean, dry, and dust-free surface (your TV and the wall around it)
  • Optional for TV stand: screw driver, newspapers, rubber gloves, and spray paint (matching color to your washi tape)
Washi Tape Frame gold frame samsung dupe
Photo: City Chic Decor

Step 1: Measure TV & Purchase Washi Tape

The first thing you’ll need to do is measure your TV. You’ll want to measure the width, height, and depth of the TV. Take note of these measurements so you know how much washi tape you’ll need to cover the entire TV. Sometimes washi tape rolls can be shorter than expected, so having measurements is vital!

Reminder: The width of your TV frame is important to note, as you will want to order the same width of tape!

There is a plethora of washi tape designs to choose from, so whether you want to make a bold statement with your TV frame, or keep it classy there is sure to be a tape perfect for your preferences.

We are particularly fond of the metallic gold washi tape, as it is on trend and creates a luxurious and modern feel. Gold tape will help make your TV look more like a piece of art. It’s also great because it gives a mirror-like appearance and doesn’t fade with time.

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Step 2: Cut & Apply Your Washi Tape

Next, you’ll want to cut your washi tape into the lengths that you’ll need to cover the edges of your TV. You can use a ruler or measuring tape to ensure that your washi tape pieces are the correct length. You can also eyeball it and trim the tape after you have placed the tape on the frame.

Before you apply your tape, make sure to clean your tv frame of any dust. Then carefully apply your tape to the top edge of the TV. Keep the tape straight and smooth as you apply it. Repeat this process for the other edges of the TV, making sure that the edges of the tape line up with one another.

Reminder: Be sure to avoid covering up the sensor or any ventilation with your tape.

After you’ve applied your washi tape, you can trim any excess tape that may be hanging off of the sides, as well as clean the tape of any fingerprints.

Washi Tape Frame rose gold tv frame tape
Photo: Etsy

Step 3: Spray Paint The TV Stand

If you’re TV is not hanging on a wall and is on a stand, you can easily spray paint the stand to match the color of the tape. You’ll want to detach the stand from your TV and place it on newspapers outside. Then use a spray paint of your choice to cover the entire stand. After it dries, you can reattach the stand and voila! A chic-looking TV!

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Step 4: Enjoy your DIY Washi Tape TV frame!

Just a few bucks and a few minutes of work and you’ve got a beautiful ‘new’ TV! The best part of using a washi tape frame is that you can change the design any time you want! This project is easy and inexpensive, but the result is a stylish and functional way to give your TV a fresh new look.

All that’s left to do is stream your favorite Netflix show, or play a YouTube video that looks like art and you have a masterpiece in your home. Just search “TV Art” in YouTube and you’ll find hundreds of videos to play on your TV and display gorgeous art.

The Viral TikTok Trend: See It In Action

If you want to see the washi tape frame in action, check out this TikTok tutorial by @staylovelyshoppe so you can see just how easy this project can be!

A Little Tape Can Go A Long Way

Isn’t it wild how a roll of tape less than $10 can completely transform your space? Try it out and have fun with it! While gold seems to be the popular choice for this trend, be sure to showcase your personality! The best part about washi tape is that you can remove it with no residue – perhaps you could change it every season!

Washi Tape Frame living room mantle tv
Photo: Thrifty Decor Chick