If you are here, you must know and love YouTuber-turned-celebrity, Emma Chamberlain. Emma has amassed almost 12 million subscribers on YouTube for being so relatable and so damn funny. Now that she’s uber famous, she’s not as relatable, but, we love her just the same!

Emma gave an infamous Open Door tour for Architectural Digest, and after going on the tour, we can see that her new home from the 1950’s is a perfect reflection of her personality. Unique and eclectic, while staying chic and classic.

Check out the various items from the viral Emma Chamberlain House Tour (or inspired by) that can now be yours. If there’s ever an influencer to be influenced by, it should be Emma.

Grand Entrance

As you walk into Emma’s home, one of the first things you see is artwork, painted by her Dad, Michael Chamberlain. His artwork is placed all throughout her home, and lucky for us, some of his paintings are for sale.

emma chamberlain house entrance
Photo: Architectural Digest

Blue Sky Painting

Most of Michael’s paintings are around $1,000. So if you want a similar style with one less 0 on the pricetag, here is one for sale for around $100.

emma chamberlain house rolling hills art
Purchase Here: Bonhava Art Studio

“Take Care of Our Minds” Living Room

Emma’s living room is filled with crafts, books, art, and a record player. She says it’s the place where her and her friends take care of their minds. You’ll find a lot of Michael Chamberlain’s art throughout her house, and also on her living room “wall of inspiration.”

emma chamberlain house books art
Photo: Architectural Digest

‘Peanut Butter’ Aisle Painting

If someone were to ask you if you’d ever hang a painting of peanut butter jars in your home, you’d likely say no, right? But seeing it in Emma’s home, it somehow just…makes sense. This ‘Peanut Butter’ painting by James Zamora can be yours for $3,500 – that’s worth about 1,167 jars of peanut butter!

“I ate so much peanut butter as a kid, it was like an entire food group for me.”

emma chamberlain house peanut butter aisle
Purchase Here: Chairish

Peanut Butter Print

James Zamore is clearly in a teeny tiny niche, because it’s difficult to find paintings of grocery store aisles for any price. But, I did find this ‘masterpiece’ that evokes the same joy that the peanut butter aisle brings. If you’re a peanut butter lover, and have a similar quirky style to Emma, why not hang this yummy art print in your kitchen?

emma chamberlain house peanut butter
Purchase Here: Amazon

A few other items showcased in Emma’s living room were her mushroom lamp, and unique Russian dolls. She said she purchased her Russian dolls on Etsy, and now they can be yours, too!

emma chamberlain house record player
Photo: Architectural Digest

Beatles Russian Dolls

“These might be my favorite things in my house.”

emma chamberlain house beatles russian dolls
Purchase Here: Amazon

ABBA Russian Dolls

“You don’t understand how much I love these. They’re my favorite thing I’ve ever bought.”

emma chamberlain house abbe russian dolls
Purchase Here: Etsy

Mushroom Lamp

Emma didn’t talk about her mushroom lamp in the video, but we did spot this trendy lamp. And thankfully, it’s another easy, affordable item that we can have in our home, too!

emma chamberlain house red mushroom lamp
Purchase Here: Amazon

Airy Dining Room

Emma said she’s never really been a chandelier person, but when she saw this one from Trueing, she had to have it. No big deal that it’s $48,000. Who else wants to become a successful YouTube star so you can buy chandeliers worth more than most cars?!

emma chamberlain house dining room chandelier
Photo: Architectural Digest

Macrame Hanging Light

So, most of us probably won’t be purchasing a $50K chandelier, but here are some lights that we can say is “inspired” by the design. These blue macrame lights can be draped and give a similar look.

emma chamberlain house hanging light
Purchase Here: Pappa Knot

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Natural Green Kitchen

Dakota Johnson’s Architectural Digest tour went viral because of her green kitchen, and Emma has officially joined the trend.

emma chamberlain house green kitchen
Photo: Architectural Digest

Adhesive Green Marble Roll

I found some adhesive marble print that will allow you to join the green kitchen trend, too! This paper is also rental friendly!

emma chamberlain house adhesive green tile
Purchase Here: Amazon

Waldorf Apple Canister

Emma has a lot of little trinkets around her home, and she mentions shopping on Etsy a few times. Here’s the same Waldorf Apples canister she has on her counters.

“I actually had a lot of fun buying weird vintage stuff…what are these? I don’t know, I just found them on Etsy for like five bucks and was so excited.”

emma chamberlain house waldorf apple tin
Purchase Here: Vintage By Lofontaine

Chamberlain Coffee

It’s not a complete ‘Emma Chamberlain Inspired Kitchen’ without her own coffee! Emma is known for sipping her cold brew in her YouTube videos, and now we can have our own cold brew bundle.

“I have a whole coffee corner. Of course we have my espresso machine with little Chamberlain coffee magnets. A little bit conceded, but I’ve got to rep, you know?”

emma chamberlain house coffee bundle
Purchase Here: Chamberlain Coffee

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“Flinstone Bathroom”

Also known as the “Party Bathroom” because it’s so accessible to the main living area. She calls it a little wild and crazy, but so warm thanks to the unique wallpaper. Who doesn’t want a bathroom that gives off “Flinstone energy”??

emma chamberlain house bathroom
Photo: Architectural Digest

Ceramic Snails

We’d never think to have a ceramic snail in our bathroom, but here we are. Emma is an influencer after all…

emma chamberlain house ceramic snail
Purchase Here: Amazon

Woven Grass Wallpaper

The most inviting part of Emma’s bathroom is her woven wallpaper. Here’s a woven grass wallpaper that can give the same inviting vibe.

emma chamberlain house woven grass wallpaper
Purchase Here: Oriental Aesthetic

Dressing Room

Emma doesn’t have a closet. No, she has an entire ‘dressing room.’ She said later it will be turned into a baby room, but for now, it’s the perfect place to get ready for the day. Her most iconic piece in her house is the pink Ultrafragola mirror. You ready for the price tag? $11,950! She said it’s a ‘bucket list item.’ Us too, Emma. Us, too.

emma chamberlain house dressing room
Photo: Architectural Digest

Pink Wavy Mirror

Ok, so this mirror is a little smaller and doesn’t light up, BUT, it is pink and wavy. I wouldn’t call this a dupe, but it is like a mini version! Bonus that it’s only $20 and can be delivered in 3 days…

emma chamberlain house ultrafragola mirror dupe
Purchase Here: Amazon

Orange Step Ladder

This is the same step ladder Emma uses to reach her high heels off of her closet.

“I wanted to take something boring, like a step ladder, and try to find one that I actually like – that would add to the space.”

emma chamberlain house orange step ladder
Purchase Here: Amazon

“Chill Hangout Room”

While living room #1 was for “taking care of their minds” – living room #2 is the “no more rules” room.

emma chamberlain house hangout room
Photo: Architectural Digest

White Cloud Sofa

The infamous cloud sofa is the trend of 2022! The tufted couch looks so comfy and literally looks like you’d be napping on clouds.

emma chamberlain house camaleonda sofa dupe
Purchase Here: Amazon

Daisy Sconce

Daisies are all the rage right now; you see them all over apparel and decor pieces this year. Emma’s green daisy sconce is a rare item (and *ahem* $1,800), but this daisy light on Etsy is just as adorable!

emma chamberlain house daisy sconce
Purchase Here: Charmee Celine

Soothing Bedroom

A place of zen… Emma’s room is minimal and calm, with no outrageous decor items that she usually has.

“This is my favorite bedroom I’ve ever had.”

emma chamberlain house bedroom
Photo: Architectural Digest

Rattan Bed Tray

In the tour, Emma shows us her bed tray that she puts her laptop on for recording her podcast episodes. Having one of these trays makes lounging in bed so much better. Do some work, eat breakfast on it, or read a book while drinking coffee.

emma chamberlain house rattan laptop tray
Purchase Here: Bamboo Plus Wood

Tiger and Leopard Blanket

There’s always got to be something unique in each of Emma’s rooms. In her bedroom, she talked about her “weird tiger” blanket and how it reminded her of the “Liger” in Napoleon Dynamite. While her exact blanket is difficult to find, I did find a tiger/leopard blanket that has a similar look to it.

emma chamberlain house tiger blanket
Purchase Here: Blanket By SUIFAN

Guest Bathroom

Emma has 4 bathrooms, so not all of them were showcased during her house tour. But this one is worthy of a little attention because it is so beautiful and calming. Nothing wacky, nothing extreme – just pretty.

emma chamberlain house guest bathroom
Photo: Architectural Digest

Colorful Tile Adhesive Backsplash

The focal point of Emma’s bathroom is certainly her colorful tile. Here is some adhesive backsplash (renter friendly) that is colorful and calming.

emma chamberlain house multicolor tile
Purchase Here: Amazon

“Summer and Fun” Pool

If there’s one thing Emma’s house is going to be known for, it will be her CORN STOOLS! Especially because of the viral TikTok corn song, corn is finally getting its deserved attention. (If you haven’t seen the corn interview, it is a must-watch!) “I mean look at this thing!”

emma chamberlain house corn stool
Photo: Architectural Digest

Corn Stool (Plus Donuts, Burgers, & Watermelon)

Emma was gifted one corn stool and loved it so much, she bought 3 more stools. You can get the corn stool from the same place Emma got hers: Third Drawer Down. “I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing.”

emma chamberlain house corn burger stool
Purchase Here: Third Drawer Down

Stainless Steel Beer Pong Set

“It’s pretty obvious I just turned 21. I’m going to be so mad about this in, like, literally 2 years…But I love it. It’s so fun.”

emma chamberlain house stainless steel beer pong cups

Pool Bathroom

Emma shared that her mom and dad were binge watching classic movies when her mom was pregnant with her; one of the first movies they watched was “Rebecca.” It’s a sentimental print for her and Emma said she’s currently reading the 1938 novel, written by Daphne du Maurier .

emma chamberlain house rebbeca poster
Photo: Architectural Digest

Rebecca Film Poster

“Rebecca” synopsis: A self-conscious woman juggles adjusting to her new role as an aristocrat’s wife and avoiding being intimidated by his first wife’s spectral presence.

emma chamberlain house rebecca movie print
Purchase Here: Amazon

Sitting Room

Emma technically has three living rooms in her home, and she calls this one the “sitting room.” It’s the room her friends hang out in after swimming in the pool. This room has a variety of very unique decor items, and we found a few of them!

emma chamberlain house sitting room
Photo: Architectural Digest

Transparent Screwdriver Side Table

Bring some color into any room with this table – it practically matches any style!

emma chamberlain house transparent screwdriver table
Purchase Here: Amazon

Live Edge Wood Table

Emma has a large ‘live edge’ wooden table in the center of the room. You can find many woodworkers who will make custom live edge tables – we found one here at SEEN Woodwork.

emma chamberlain house live edge table
Purchase Here: SEEN Woodwork

Ceramic Walnut Snack Bowl

Emma didn’t talk about her walnut snack bowl, but I definitely spotted it (and now I want it)! She has so many items that I would never think even exist; but here I am, adding a walnut bowl to my wish list.

emma chamberlain house walnut shell snack bowl
Purchase Here: Amazon

Multi-Head Adjustable Floor Lamp

Emma’s Goffredo Reggiani tube lamp is another rare piece (and $2,472), but there are lamps you can find that are multi-headed and adjustable. Not quite the same, but similar modern look.

emma chamberlain house multihead tube lamp
Purchase Here: Amazon

Cork Wallpaper

Emma placed cork wallpaper on her ceiling and she talked about how much she loved it. It was another design style she wasn’t too sure about, but once she saw it installed, she felt like it made the room more cozy.

emma chamberlain house adhesive cork wallpaper
Purchase Here: Portuguese Treasures

Burgundy Shag Rug

Throughout Emma’s entire home, she has a retro, yet cabin-y feel to it. The red shag carpet in her sitting room definitely has a retro look to it. It’s the perfect place to lay down by the fire, read a book, and eat snacks out of your walnut bowl…

emma chamberlain house burgundy shag rug
Purchase Here: Amazon

Inspired and Influenced

Emma’s home is the opposite of boring; after seeing all of her unique items and knowing the stories behind them, it just makes us love her even more!

“I need a place that feels light and bright and happy. When you’re in this home, you get the feeling of being outdoors when you’re inside.”

And when it comes to choosing decor items, Emma has the best advice:

“Have fun with it. Just choose stuff that makes you giggle and chuckle…and starts conversations, too. Somebody new comes over and they’re like, ‘Is that corn?’ Exactly. Now you’re besties.”

The secret to making besties: corn stools.

[Adds corn stools to cart]

emma chamberlain house tour besties