A change of season is the perfect time for a bathroom re-design.

One of the most popular bathroom design trends this coming year is the Art Deco style. Art Deco is short for Arts Décoratifs which is a style of design that was popularized in France and swept through the US and Europe in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The style describes bold geometric shapes and strong color choices.

Now, nearly 100 years later, the style is back at the top of the interior design world. So, we’ve put together a list of 15 excellent ideas that will turn your bathroom into a time machine – and a chic one at that!

art deco bathroom interior design modern decor
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15 Art Deco Bathroom Ideas

1. Go For Gold

Gold is essential when it comes to the Art Deco style, but it should be used as a complement rather than as the main color; we are going for The Great Gatsby, not Versailles. Try using it in the wallpaper you select or as a trimming on the vanity’s edges.

Plus, have some fun going vintage and antique shopping to find the perfect eccentric gold accessories. These could be anything from a gold frames to a claw-footed table to leave next to the tub.

art deco bathroom
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2. Pick the right wallpaper

Wallpaper is an excellent way to achieve the Art Deco style, as it is easy to install and goes a long way. The color and pattern you select should depend on the other elements at play within your bathroom. For instance, if you have a white tiled floor, then you can go for a wallpaper that is on the bold side.

art deco bathroom interior design blue birds wallpaper
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If your flooring is bold and you have stand-out pieces such as a brightly-colored claw tub or gold-trimmed mirror, then we recommend sticking with an understated wallpaper that still suits the style.

art deco bathroom interior design neutral wallpaper
Photo: World of Wallpaper

3. Include minimalist artworks 

When it comes to Art Deco, art is very important. However, the art you choose should complement, not overpower. This is a fine line, so our best tip is to go for artwork with neutral colors such as white, black, and grey. Alternatively, you can incorporate colors, but ensure there aren’t too many all at once; deep blues, greens, and pinks are recommended.

Line art is a great way to add to an Art Deco bathroom as it ties in a contemporary feel that still suits the style. A perfect example of artwork that adds to the depth of the room but doesn’t overwhelm it is a black and white one-line drawing of the Eiffel Tower. Art Deco originated in France, so it’s very fitting to include touches of this country in your bathroom.

Framed Paris Eiffel Tower Wall Art - Portrait - Dark
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4. Use plants to fill the space

Don’t be afraid to put plants in any unoccupied nook or cranny. Be sure to get levels and variety in there when it comes to plants. That means trying to hang a plant in a chic gold planter and then contrasting it with a huge floor-sitting plant.

The more you can play with opposing shapes and sizes, the more Art Deco the room will look. 

5. Geometric shapes are your best friend

What shapes are included in the geometric Art Deco family? Well, likely any shape you can think of, including squares, rectangles, circles, ovals, triangles, spheres, pentagons, hexagons, octagons, and cones. 

Find mirrors, patterns, clocks, wall art, and planters in these shapes and you will find the room become Art Deco before your eyes.

art deco bathroom interior design geometric shapes
Photo: iDesign Arch

6. Invest in a claw bathtub

Now, we know they aren’t cheap, but a claw bathtub is probably the most iconic Art Deco bathroom piece and is, therefore, well worth the cost. A claw bathtub is a statement piece, so it can be an easy focal point upon which you can base the rest of the room.

Keep it simple and go for a classic claw bathtub, or lean into the Art Deco movement even more with a bold black and gold claw bathtub.

If you aren’t a bather and a shower is an absolute must in this bathroom then go for a glass shower that blends into the rest of the room.

art deco bathroom interior design glass shower
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7. Subway tile is a must

The Art Deco movement was all about the urban lifestyle. Think Paris, New York, and Chicago. So subway tile became synonymous with the style and still is today. Whether you do the whole room in it or just the sections around the bathtub and behind the vanity, it will add a dynamic textural element.

art deco bathroom interior design subway tile
Photo: The Spruce

8. Art deco flooring will change the entire feel of the room

Go for a pattern with geometric shapes, the standard black and white tiles, or subway tiles. If you want to simply test out some patterns to see what you like, you can find some adhesive tiles that are easily removable.

art deco bathroom interior design geometric tiles

9. Invest in special pieces

The right vintage mirror, claw tub, or line art drawing will make the room special so don’t shy away from uniqueness. 

art deco bathroom interior design sunburst mirror
Photo: Digs Digs

10. Incorporate black

In contrast to the recent design trends that featured white and neutral everything, the Art Deco style embraces black fixtures and uses them to add a stunning depth to the room. 

Go for black tiles, shower, and bathtub nozzles and hoses, or even simple black towels and bathmat to get the full effects of the richness of Art Deco.

art deco bathroom interior design black and white
Photo: These Three Rooms

11. Sphere lights

Spheric lights fit the bill and add a warm glow to bathrooms. They provide a retro feel that also looks modern.

art deco bathroom interior design sphere lights
Photo: Good Housekeeping

12. Make the room unique with a special item you wouldn’t necessarily find in a bathroom

Think outside the box. 

What is one item that you wouldn’t find in a regular bathroom? Is it a golden music box, retro stained glass windows, a line drawing of a person’s silhouette? Add something to make it your own. 

art deco bathroom interior design stained glass windows
Photo: Black Lacquer Design

13. Play with materials and textures

Ribbed cupboards, smooth subway tiles, gold-flicked wallpaper; do not be afraid to mix and match

art deco bathroom interior design luxury vanity mirror
Photo: Luxury Bathrooms

14. Utilize a rug if you aren’t ready to change the flooring

Sometimes, you aren’t ready to do a complete bathroom flip and that is perfectly understandable. If you want a different feel in the room but prefer to keep the changes more superficial, then embrace the power of a good rug. 

art deco bathroom interior design vintage rug
Photo: Seeking Lavender Lane

15. When it comes to décor, go for curved edges 

Everything from the mirrors to the plants you use can add to the Art Deco vibe of your tremendous new bathroom but only if you are sure to select décor thoughtfully. 

When choosing décor and accessories, go for curved edges. Since Art Decor bathrooms usually focus on geometric shapes, it’s nice to blend these shapes with lots of curves. We’ve already mentioned the spheric lights so additionally seek out plants with warm leaves or circle mirrors.

art deco bathroom interior design curved decor circle mirror
Photo: My Domaine

Tips for getting started

If you’re overwhelmed by the seemingly endless Art Deco bathroom possibilities, then read on for a few simple tips for getting started.

  • Choose one focal point for the room and build upon it, for instance: the vanity. Once you have your Art Deco piece in place, slowly add Art Deco elements – there is no rush! You’d be surprised at how one element can change the entire bathroom.
  • Art Deco is all about boldness, so don’t hold back. Include gold, black, or geometric shapes anywhere you can.
art deco bathroom interior design retro vanity
Photo: Harriet Hughes

Ready for the green light?

Now, whether you got that Great Gatsby pun or not, we hope you have found this article useful and are ready to immerse yourself in all things Art Deco. 

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