Google offices around the world are known for their innovative designs and unique decor. Each office reflects the local culture while incorporating Google’s brand and values. From the playful and colorful offices in Mexico and Zurich to the eco-friendly and sustainable offices in Dublin and Tel Aviv, Google’s workplaces are designed to inspire creativity and collaboration.

In this blog post, we’ll take a virtual tour of some of the most interesting and inspiring Google offices around the world. We’ll explore the design elements, color schemes, and decor that make each office unique. Additionally, we’ll provide links to products inspired by each office so you can bring a touch of Google’s global design into your own workspace.

Google Offices Decor Design Entry Lobby California
Photo: Shop Arc

Googleplex: Mountain View, CA – United States

Googleplex, the sprawling headquarters of Google, is located in Mountain View, California, and is known for its innovative and eye-catching designs throughout the campus. The office space is designed to inspire creativity and collaboration among its employees, with open floor plans and a variety of unique features such as colorful bikes, slides, and even a beach volleyball court. The interiors are, not surprisingly, modern and vibrant, with bold colors, whimsical designs, and fun artwork adorning the walls.

Google Offices Decor Design Rainbow Windows CA

Rainbow Window Privacy Film

When you think of Google, one of the first things that comes to mind is the iconic logo with blue, red, yellow, and green. So it makes sense that their offices are filled with color everywhere! A way to bring a bit of rainbow light into your office or home is with these privacy films that adhere to your windows. They keep your space private and when the light shines through, you’ll basically be inside of a rainbow. 🌈

Google Offices Decor Design Adhesive Rainbow Privacy
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Google Office: San Francisco, CA – United States

I have to say, when I was researching so many Google offices around the world, my jaw dropped when I saw this lobby mural. While most Google offices have loads of color and quirky decor pieces, this lobby feels a bit more refined and chic. The focal point is obviously the stunning “Living Leaf Mural”, created by Anastasia Tumanova out of ceramic. It took her 6 months to complete this incredible display – worth the wait, I’d say!

Google Offices Decor Design Anastasia Tumanova Lobby
Photo: Anastasia Tumanova

Anastasia Tumanova Art Piece Commission

If you’re in awe of Tumanova’s artwork, you can have a masterpiece of your own! Be sure to check out her artwork on her website. You can commission her to create a special piece for yourself. Wouldn’t you love to have a mini version of Google’s mural?

Google Offices Decor Design Anastasia Tumanova Commission
Shop Here: Anastasia Tumanova

Google Office: Paris, France

Would you expect anything less from the offices in Paris? Charming, chic, and elegant – with just a touch of quirk. The Google offices in Paris still have the Google flair, but their approach to design and decor is a bit more modern.

Google Offices Decor Design Paris Chic
Photo: Elle Decor

Wicker Egg Chair

You can find a variety of wicker chairs online that look very similar to the chairs used in the Paris Google offices. They’re a cozy place to go through your emails or hop on a quick Zoom call. Ooh-la-la!

Google Offices Decor Design Wicker Egg Chair
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Google Office: Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City’s Google offices are some of the most creative spaces in the world. It’s the type of space where you don’t feel like you’re even in an office! Can you imagine having your desk right next to a Volkswagen Beetle, carpet road, swings, and a ball pit? Where do I apply??

Google Offices Decor Design Road Swings Car
Photo: Arch Daily

Indoor Rope Swing

Ok, so maybe a swing isn’t the best place to work, but it is definitely ideal for a brain break! Sometimes when we work, we need to take some breaks and tap into our inner child – that’s usually when the best creativity strikes. We definitely approve of all adults having a swing in their office or home – whether you have children or not!

Google Offices Decor Design Indoor Swing
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Indoor Ball Pit

I remember when I toured the Facebook offices in Seattle, WA, I was so amazed by the ball pits throughout the campus! The staff told me employees would regularly hold meetings while in the ball pits, or they would sit in them with their co-workers because it would enhance their playfulness – therefore the creative thinking. So, yes, you can count your ball pit purchase as a business expense.

Google Offices Decor Design Indoor Ball Pit
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Google Office: Dublin, Ireland

It shouldn’t surprise you that the Dublin Google office is filled with nature and greenery. It’s clear that the designers of Google’s Dublin office wanted to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, making it the perfect place to work and be inspired. What a breath of fresh air in an office space.

Google Offices Decor Design Nature Dublin
Photo: Merit Interiors

Ornate Moss Rug

If you want to bring the outside in, but keep your space cozy, here’s a rug that looks like grass and moss. Put this under your desk and make yourself feel like you’re working in the lush environment of Dublin.

Google Offices Decor Design Moss Grass Rug
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Large Grass Rug

Step it up a notch and add this large rug that looks like grass. Also doubles as a great place to take a nap break…

Google Offices Decor Design Grass Rug
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Google Office: Amsterdam, Netherlands

If I worked in the Amsterdam Google office, I would be in this travel trailer every day. If you can’t be traveling with your trailer along the coast, might as well have one in your office that you can work from, right?

Google Offices Decor Design Amsterdam Woonhome Trailer
Photo: Work Design

Mini Camper Trailer

While these trailers are an investment, they are worth every penny. Not only would they make an incredible mobile office for digital nomads, they’re the perfect trailer to take adventurous road trips in.

Google Offices Decor Design Happier Camper
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Googleplex: Mountain View, CA – United States

We’ve already featured Googleplex, but since it’s the headquarters, it’s worth mentioning again because they have some of the most stunning displays. We love this massive mural that covers this entire floor – they call it the “Living Mural” because it’s blends artwork with real, living plants.

Google Offices Decor Design Living Mural CA
Photo: Wescover

Skyline Mural

With technology these days, there’s no need to hire an expensive artist to come and paint a fancy mural on your walls. You can spend a few bucks on a digital download and then print large murals from a variety of printing websites. And voila! You can be surrounded by any artwork you desire.

Google Offices Decor Design Office Wall Mural
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Google Office: Zurich, Switzerland

“Hey, let’s have our meeting in the giant alligator egg today, shall we?” Google’s Zurich office is known for its unique “egg pods” that offer employees a private and cozy place to work or take a break. These pods, designed by architect Camenzind Evolution, are inspired by natural forms and are meant to create a feeling of warmth and comfort for the employees. Maybe just ignore the large crocodile…

Google Offices Decor Design Egg Office Switzerland
Photo: Business Insider

Bubble Gazebo Tent

Sorry, everyone, giant egg pods are nowhere to be found on Amazon. BUT! Who wouldn’t find comfort working in a gazebo tent outside?! These tents certainly aren’t marketed as offices or meeting rooms, but I think these tents could definitely be multi-purpose.

Google Offices Decor Design Outdoor Bubble Tent Gazebo
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Google Office: Sydney, Australia

Australia – where it’s the hottest during the winter and where people literally work while upside down… Sydney’s Google office features these floating pods for privacy, and comfort. Sometimes we just need a new perspective to get through a task.

Google Offices Decor Design Floating Pods
Photo: LinkedIn

Flexible, Bendable Chair

I found these chairs that can definitely serve your flexible needs. Whether you want to sit upright, recline, or work upside down like the Australians, this bendy chair has you covered.

Google Offices Decor Design Bendable Flexible Chair
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Google Office: Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv’s Google office has so many creative areas, it was hard to pick just one room to feature. I think an indoor orchard deserves to have some attention. This lounge area makes you feel like you’re literally outside, complete with orchard trees, picnic benches, wooden crates, and a big red truck. I think it would be a little difficult to work here as I would be distracted all day and want to harvest fruit!

Google Offices Decor Design Tel Aviv Orchard
Photo: Office Snapshots

Indoor Faux Orange Tree

Who says you can’t blend your office with an orchard?! Bring in a few of these faux orange trees to your space and instantly feel like you’re out in the countryside.

Google Offices Decor Design Indoor Faux Orange Tree
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Google Office: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam made the list, yet again. I had to show off their amazing Stroopwafel displays, cookie wallpaper, and classic Delft display. Oh the amount of Stroopwafels we would eat while working there…

Google Offices Decor Design Amsterdam Stroopwafel
Photo: D/Dock

Delft Blue Wallpaper

I searched high and low for Stroopwafel decor and nothing was to be found. If you’re an artisan or crafter, consider creating some Stroopwafel pillows or knitted blankets – it’s an underserved market! What I did find were these charming Dutch wallpapers that will transport you to an Amsterdam state of mind.

Google Offices Decor Design Dutch Holland Blue Wallpaper
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From Google To Your Own Office

The Google offices around the world are a testament to the company’s commitment to creativity, collaboration, and employee well-being. Each office is uniquely designed and decorated to reflect the local culture, environment, and personality of the city in which it is located. Google’s offices are inspiring spaces that encourage employees to think big and push the boundaries of what is possible, just like the office spaces themselves.

Many of the design elements found in these offices can serve as inspiration for your own home and office decor. But what’s even more fun to think about is what your unique office culture is. Google offices are directly linked to the environment, which helps employees thrive. So how would you make your office showcase your unique personality??

Google Offices Decor Design Living Sign
Photo: Pinterest