A Mug For Every Season

Does anyone else have a large collection of mugs in all different designs and styles? Well, get your cabinets ready, because you’re going to want to order so many of these mugs! Every mug listed below is handmade and comes from a small business. Whether you need cozy mugs for the holidays in Winter, or glass tumblers for iced coffee in the Summer, this list has a mug for every season.

You’ll not only find the cutest mugs on this list, you’ll also find some great accessories to accompany your new mugs (like a coffee bean ice cube mold!). I’d recommend having a mug of coffee ready as you scroll through, because seeing all these cozy mugs is going to make you instantly want that comforting feeling of a mug in your hands. Enjoy!

cozy mugs for every season hands holding cozy mug
Photo: Mikhail Nilov

Cozy Fall Mugs

Pressed Leaf Prints Mug

Every mug from Julia is one-of-a-kind because she finds leaves in her neighborhood and presses them onto her hand thrown ceramic mugs. So much to ‘fall’ in love with!

cozy mugs for every season fall leaves
Small Business: Julia E. Dean

Pumpkin Mug

It’s not a cozy fall without a big, rounded mug in the shape of a pumpkin! The perfect vessel for your PSL.

cozy mugs for every season handmade pumpkin
Small Business: Place Of Grace Co.

Favorite Fall Things Mug

Kristine from Simonds Creative Co. hand sketches every little detail on this mug and it is the epitome of cozy Fall! All these cute images, plus your yummy coffee, will make you oh so happy. Check out her shop for so. many. COZY MUGS!

cozy mugs for every season fall icons
Small Business: Simonds Creative Co.

Nostalgic Farm Scene Mug

Julia hand-makes these beautiful Fall scenes on her ceramics – so visit her shop ASAP because there are limited amounts!

cozy mugs for every season nostalgic farm scene
Small Business: Julenka Ceramics

Mushroom Mug

Would you expect anything less from a shop called “Flower Child Ceramics”?! This particular mug is created using a mold from the 70’s and the mushroom is hand sculpted and painted.

cozy mugs for every season handmade mushroom
Small Business: Flower Child Ceramics

Cozy Fall Mug Accessory

Leaf Print Stencil

Cinnamon and chocolate on top – but make it pretty. Having a pumpkin spice latte is one thing, but to have cinnamon in the shape of leaves and acorns on top? Doesn’t get much better…

cozy mugs for every season fall stencil cinnamon chocolate
Small Business: BNB Creative

Cheerful Winter Mugs

Cup Of Cozy Mug

Winter, the season of cozy, knitted sweaters. This mug is perfect for winter because not only does it look like a cable knit sweater, it’s also designed so your hand wraps around the mug, like a hand-warming pocket. Truly a ‘cup of cozy.’

cozy mugs for every season cup of cozy handwarmer
Small Business: Elanze Designs

Winter Baking Mug

This mug is so cute with its cozy baking collage. Winter is a time for sweaters, hot cocoa, and of course, baking! Hmm, just thought of an idea for a new mug: a cozy mug with illustrations of cozy mugs all over it! A girl can dream…

cozy mugs for every season winter baking
Small Business: Kelly Elizabeth Designs

Warm + Cozy Mug

An aesthetic mug that’s trendy and cozy at the same time. Check out Melissa’s shop for hundreds of different hand lettered mugs. We’re gonna need to expand our kitchen cabinets to make more room for these mugs…

cozy mugs for every season warm cozy tile
Small Business: Sweet Water Decor

Natural Pine Trees Mug

The smell of pine = Winter. These mugs are handmade by Elaine in San Francisco, and they capture that lovable Winter feeling in a subtle way.

cozy mugs for every season winter trees
Small Business: Mori Ceramics

Snowflakes Mug

Tammy from Ladybird Ceramics has been hand painting this snowflake design on her handmade mugs for over 20 years! For good reason, it’s minimal and charming at the same time.

cozy mugs for every season snowflakes
Small Business: Ladybird Ceramics

Cheerful Winter Mug Accessory

Cable Knit Mug Cozy

I mean, do I need to even elaborate on how cute this mug cozy is?! From cozy mugs to mug cozy – so much to love!

cozy mugs for every season knit cozy
Small Business: Val Knitting Shop

Delightful Spring Mugs

Daisy Iced Coffee Mug

Spring means iced coffee time!! Sip your iced coffee (or tea) out of this adorable glass mug while taking time to smell the flowers. Who knew daisies could make us feel so cozy?

cozy mugs for every season daisy glass
Small Business: Lee Morgan Designs

Mug & Pillow Set

This is the perfect set for your cottagecore aesthetic – it comes in multiple pastel colors and is almost too cute for words! It literally doesn’t get cozier than an actual ceramic PILLOW.

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cozy mugs for every season mug and pillow cottagecore
Small Business: Jazzy House Studio

Clouds and Flowers Mug Set

Host a tea party with these precious handmade mug sets. They come in a variety of different styles – and they’re made to order!

cozy mugs for every season clouds flowers
Small Business: Momocore Ceramic Art Studio

Pink Confetti Mug

I’d like to think this mug is inspired by the delicious Funfetti cake we all know and love. It’s like a celebration in your hands!

cozy mugs for every season pink confetti
Small Business: The Mystic Hippie

Vintage Inspired Glass Mug

This is the type of mug that will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time. Drink from this mug when you want to make everything feel a bit fancier.

cozy mugs for every season vintage glass mug
Small Business: Mugs 4 Life Creations

Delightful Spring Mug Accessory

Coffee Bean Ice Cube Mold

Level up your iced coffees by freezing coffee into ice cubes. No more watered down coffee! Oh, and the fact that they’re in the shape of coffee beans? Chef’s kiss!!

cozy mugs for every season coffee bean ice cube trays e1662557904512
Small Business: Daily Items Creations

Sunny Summer Mugs

Pearl and Shell Mug Set

Summer means sun and sand – so why not get a sweet pearl mug and shell saucer set?! This set comes in multiple colors (comes with free cute spoon) and is sure to make you feel like you’re on a tropical beach in the Maldives.

cozy mugs for every season pearl oyster
Small Business: July Zhu

Sandy Beach Mug

Continuing on with the beach theme, look at these incredible hand-poured mugs. They’re made with real sand! If you can’t physically be at a beach in the Summer, might as well drink from a mug made from a beach, right?

cozy mugs for every season beach sand
Small Business: Freckled Flamingo Co.

Camping Scene Mug

From the sea to the mountains, here’s the perfect handmade camping mug. Elyse hand makes each of her mugs in her home studio, so no two mugs will be exactly the same. Sippin’ on Summer…

cozy mugs for every season camping
Small Business: Elyse Elliot Pottery

Citrus ‘Can’ Mug

Not only are the citrusy designs adorable, but this ‘can’ mug comes with a glass straw and ceramic pull tab lid! You can order this mug with the orange, pineapple, or strawberry design. This mug has it all – all that’s missing is the iced tea!

cozy mugs for every season citrus can
Small Business: Ling Ting Studio

Here Comes The Sun Glass Tumbler

Who else has The Beatles song playing in their head now? This glass tumbler, complete with bamboo lid and metal straw, is perfect for drinking your cold brew outside in the sunshine. Doo-doo-doo-doo!

cozy mugs for every season glass sun
Small Business: Banana Go Wee

Sunny Summer Mug Accessory

Colorful Reusable Glass “Bendy” Straws

Good for the environment and so cute, too! Order a rainbow of straws for your iced coffee tumblers and sip in style! Every order comes with a case and cleaning brush.

cozy mugs for every season glass straws
Small Business: Trece Cielos

No matter your fave coffee drink or season, there is bound to be a variety of cozy mugs that fit you perfectly. [Going to go make more space in my cabinets now!]

Mug lovers, unite!

cozy mugs for every season variety of mugs
Photo: Cyril Saulnier