Last year, our 6 Beautiful Living Room Trends For 2022 – article was one of the most popular among readers and for 2023, we wanted to give you another round of awesome inspirations so you can make your home the most beautiful and cozy it has ever been.

Of course, some of the trends we already shared last year will not go away so quickly and will still continue to define interiors in 2023. However, some aesthetics like minimalism, bold contrasts and vibrant colors or the use of sustainable & natural materials can now be considered as timeless principles rather than short-lived trends.

For this reason, we want to shake things up a little to not repeat ourselves and share more unique trends for 2023 that will build on top of these principles and may even define new directions.

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Multifunctional & Adaptive spaces For more Flexibility

Even in the post-pandemic era where most people spend more time outside again, some habits like working from home are here to stay. For 2023 and beyond, it’s important for rooms to be able to serve multiple purposes and adapt to our needs more frequently.

But it is not enough to just add more tables for working here and there, but to be thoughtful and have a holistic approach to interior design. For example, a kitchen should not only be a place for cooking, but also a place for entertaining friends on the weekend and a homework station on weekdays. By having this in mind, we can make better decisions of what we need and where to place objects to support our daily flow.

Here are some multifunctional room ideas:

1. Incorporate multifunctional furniture

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise. Like this couch table from that can be easily converted to a working or eating desk for small gatherings.

2. Indoor Gardens as unique room dividers

Using room dividers is a great way for zoning and separating spaces based in their functions. At the same time, they can make an interior more lofty and let natural light infiltrate the interior more easily. Bookshelves are probably the most common dividers, but how about indoor garden?

Indoor gardens as room separators cannot only fill the room with life but also literally supports life by providing the kitchen with healthy ingredients. You can build one yourself as a DIY project (fun!) or try something more futuristic, like a Nutritower. Especially on wheels, these dividers become a valuable addition to your multifunctional space.

3. Use benches instead of chairs for maximum flexibility

Instead of buying the whole set of a dining table + 6 chairs, why not replace one side with a beautiful wooden bench that you can move around easily and free up space?

Interior design trends 2023 multi functional furniture benches

4. Transform your walls into functional furniture

Another useful way to make a space more versatile (especially for architects or artists) is to have a wall that can be lowered and used as a standing standing desk. Granted, this requires a bit more planning and DIY capabilities, but it will for sure become a unique piece in your multifunctional room.


The Fusion of different styles

Interior trends and spaces are continuously evolving and after decades of seeing different unique trends evolving, we come to a point where certain styles are reaching a saturation level and the next logical step is the combination of many.

As more people are becoming more creative, we see more fusions between different styles that are perfectly personalized and make living spaces much more unique and interesting. By creating our own style, we also infuse our space with our unique energy that makes a living space feel more vibrant than just blindly copying someone else’s style.

One of the most beautiful trends, we’ve seen lately is Japandi, which is a mix of japanese simplicity mixed with Scandinavian influences. We have a more in depth article around the Japandi style here: How You Can Bring The Japandi Style Into Every Room Of Your Home With Ease

But not only is mixing styles an interesting way to create new designs. How about inversion? A popular trend that is currently emerging as a result, is Maximalism, which aims to be a contrast to Minimalism but walks a fine line between too much simplicity & extreme clutter. Instead, it puts emphasize on powerful statement pieces to make spaces memorable.

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The next level of Biophilia

Over the past few years, our desire for indoor plants and botanical accents has only grown, with many of us filling our spaces with statement plants and floral patterns. Now, this trend is evolving as we continue to embrace the beauty and benefits of greenery in new ways.

Lush nature is making space for more perfectly imperfect elements with raw and unfinished textures. Elements that are inspired by desert landscapes, minerals or mossy greens and make a perfect contribution to the ongoing Wabi-Sabi trend that is embracing the beauty in imperfect things.

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From Vintage to Art Deco

Going back in time and revisiting styles of the past has already been a common theme in recent years with the vintage items & retro styles becoming very popular among generations.

We know that people are no longer interested in coordinated spaces and matching furniture sets that look like from a catalog. They prefer to incorporate unique pieces into their living space that may have already gone through multiple lifetimes. This comes with a sense of achievement & empowerment in finding and owning a personal style.

While embracing vintage items and retro styles can add a lot of charm to interiors, we’ve also seen a stronger desire to go back even further in time and the rising interest in Art Deco that was popular in the 1920s and 1930s. It is characterized by bold geometric shapes, dark colors and shiny surfaces. When thinking of Art Deco, you would think of luxury and glamour. A feeling that is created by a combination of different materials such as glass, steel, and wood. Modern Hotels have been incorporating Art Decor as a unique and eye catching style, we now see it coming into the personal spaces as well.

While Art Deco can be used in many types of rooms like living rooms or home offices, it can look great in particular with bathrooms. Check out our related article for more inspiration: 15 Glamorous Art Deco Bathroom Ideas & Tips for 2023

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Create Spaces with healing Energy

Interior design is often focused around and reduced to visual aspects. We know that lighting, colors or room temperature have a great impact on our mood.

But in addition to the visible things, people are starting to embrace more of their spiritual nature and pay attention to how things impact us on an energetic level. While it has been an important aspect in interior design in many asian countries already, it is now making it’s way to western countries.

Here are tips to improve the energy in your home and encourage the healing of mind, body and spirit:

1. Declutter your space

It sounds so basic that we tend to overlook it. Your outside world is a reflection of your internal world and vise versa. If you keep your environment neat and organized, it will support your inner peace and give you a sense of freedom.

2. Embrace Crystals with healing properties

Everything is energy. And crystals can be a very high source of energy and have direct impact on our own energy. Different crystals have different properties and can be placed in different places for intended purposes. For instance, Amethyst are great to bring calm and relaxation. Therefore, they can work great in living rooms or home offices. The topic of crystals can be very complex so we encourage you to do some research. Here is a good resource to start with: Healing Crystals: A Guide for Beginners

3. Cleansing the air

Another way to bring healing energy and balance into your home, is to use a smudging blend that could consist of a mix of white sage, sweet grass, lavender, creosote, and copal. You can light the small bundle on fire and put it on an open window, allowing it to burn slowly and release a small trail of smoke throughout the space that cleanse your air of negative energy. It also smells good as well!

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Further prediction

interior design trends 2023 smart home
Smart Home Technologies will make a come back

Overall, the interior design trends for 2023 are all about flexibility, personalization and sustainability. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color to your space, use unique materials or create a hyper flexible space, technology can even enhance your living experience even further. By incorporating smart technology, there are endless possibilities for creating a one-of-a-kind, personalized space that reflects your individual style.

In recent years, however, it seems that smart home technology has taken a little hit and lost excitement from consumer side. Some of the contributing factors could be the downward trending economy, inflation, decreased purchasing power and the overall fragmentation of the smart home market.

While many people are already familiar with smart lighting, speakers and thermostats, adding more devices to the list becomes quite a challenge as it increases complexity. More devices means more things to manage and with each company providing their own applications, this could become a nightmare. Smart technology is supposed to make our life easier, not worse.

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Source: The Verge

A potential solution to this could be Matter, a new universal specification that let smart home devices communicate with each other. It was introduced in 2021 and started to gain more traction throughout 2022. Matter’s mission is to make the user experience more seamless across many types of devices and the list of companies that will support this standard is becoming longer and longer.

This could mean that you can control multiple smart home devices from different brands with just one app (e.g Apple Siri, Alexa…). By doing so, managing lighting, music, thermostats, security cameras, robot vacuums or your smart kitchen devices, will become much easier, which is why we believe that smart home technology will get a boost in 2023.

Read further: The Verge – What matters about Matter, the new smart home standard

We hope this little outlook of interior design trends for 2023 was insightful and inspiring for you. Let’s make 2023 a great and transformative year.

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