Whether you’re planning a Stranger Things Halloween party, watch party, or birthday party, you’ll find everything you need to create a Stranger Things vibe! So grab some Eggos and let’s get started!

Stranger Things Halloween
Photo: Just Watch

Stranger Things Interior Decorations

Alphabet & Christmas Lights Wall

The most important part of creating a Stranger Things Halloween theme is the infamous alphabet wall. You can find sets to purchase, print the letters, or even write the letters yourself on an old bed sheet and hang it on the wall. No matter how you create it, it’s a must-have!

stranger things halloween party theme abc wall display
Purchase Here (Letters & Lights): 1 Nerd Creations

Mind Flayer Decal

Turn your home into the Upside Down by adding a lurking Mind Flayer on your wall.

stranger things halloween party theme mind flayer wall decal
Purchase Here: Pink Tree Design

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

Stranger Things is based on Dungeons and Dragons, so having this starter set as a prop would add so much to your Halloween party or decorations. Even better is if you learn how to play and start your own Hellfire Club!

stranger things halloween party theme dungeons and dragons
Purchase Here: Wizards RPG Team

Scoops Ahoy Display

Scoops Ahoy didn’t appear in the latest season, but it’s still a memorable setting and creates the perfect ice cream party backdrop!

stranger things halloween party theme scoops ahoy
Photo: Brite & Bubbly

Creel House Grandfather Clock

Who knew clocks could be so scary?! Even though this decal isn’t the spookiest of decorations, combined with all the other decorations (and clock sounds below), it’ll make your skin crawl.

stranger things halloween party theme grandfather clock
Purchase Here: Amazon

And with the decal in place, play this ASMR ambience in the background to transform your house into the Creel House. Includes the famous clock sound, howling wind, and Vecna growling.

Photo Booth Props

Check out these iconic printables that will add the perfect decor, or create a photo booth and use them as props! These little touches add so much to your Stranger Things theme.

stranger things halloween party theme free printables
Photo: Jane

Stranger Things Exterior Decorations

Creel’s House Stained Glass Decal

We were introduced to the Creel House in season 4 and even though this decal is gorgeous, it also makes us feel a little creepy. That’s the vibe we’re going for, right?! Just watch out if you see a grandfather clock anywhere!

stranger things halloween party theme creel house decal
Purchase Here: Window Clings Galore

Welcome To Hawkins Sign

Oh Hawkins, what you’ve been through… Not sure if Hawkins is on the top of anyone’s list of destinations to visit – but if you’re trying to turn your home into a Stranger Things theme, a “Welcome to Hawkins” sign is necessary!

stranger things halloween party theme welcome to hawkins
Purchase Here: Deep Fried Signs

Upside Down Entrance

This is the best kind of entrance because all it requires is garbage bags! Cut a few bags into long strips, and bundle up a few bags on the top of your door – and there you have it. A grand entrance to the Upside Down. Easy, cheap, and very effective.

stranger things halloween party theme upside down entrance
Photo: Amanda Wright

Stranger Things Costumes

I want to be honest from the beginning – there are so so so many costumes you can create from all the seasons of Stranger Things. But if I shared them all, it would take hours to go through! So I chose the breakout characters from season 4 – if you go to costumerealm.com, you can find every costume from every character from every season!

Eddie Munson Costume Items

Everyone fell in love with season 4’s new character, Eddie Munson! Dig out your old jean jacket, tease your hair, and get the iconic Hellfire Club t-shirt! Then scream, “Chrissy wake up!!” everywhere you go.

stranger things halloween party theme eddie munson costume
Purchase Items Here: Costume Realm

Max Mayfield Costume Items

This scene, plus Runnin’ Up That Hill, made this moment perhaps the most memorable scene of season 4. So choose your ‘Vecna song’ and blast it!

stranger things halloween party theme max mayfield costume
Purchase Items Here: Costume Realm

Eleven Costume Items

You can’t not showcase and Eleven costume when talking about a Stranger Things Halloween theme! There are so many different Eleven costumes you could create, but if you want to stick with season 4, this is definitely the most standout outfit of the season. Just be careful with your roller skates, will ya?

stranger things halloween party theme eleven costume
Purchase Items Here: Costume Realm

Demogorgon (Demodog)

I mean, do any words need to be said? Include your dog in your Stranger Things theme and turn him into a Demodog!

stranger things halloween party theme demogorgon dog costume
Purchase Here: K9 Obsession

Stranger Things Food & Recipes

It’s Halloween season, which means it’s time to get cozy and bake up some Stranger Things Halloween cupcakes! Below are some tasty recipes and Stranger Things themed food that you can order online. And yes, you can actually order some Surfer Boy Pizza!

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Snack Board

It’s not a true Stranger Things theme without WAFFLES! Kick it up a notch by adding demogorgon pudding cups with strawberries and some Surfer Boy Pizza!

stranger things halloween party theme snack board
Photo: Crafted By Jen

Waffle Bar

Having a waffle bar is 100% crucial to a Stranger Things theme party (and obviously they must be Eggo waffles). Add some fruit, syrup, and whipped cream and your guests will be happily stuffed!

stranger things halloween party theme waffle bar

Surfer Boy Pizza

Did you know you can actually buy Surfer Boy Pizza in four different flavors?! From Walmart of all places! You can order any flavor or get the 4-pack. If only Argyle could deliver them…

stranger things halloween party theme surfer boy pizza
Purchase Here: Walmart

Demogorgon Chocolate & Strawberries

This recipe is perfect because not only is it yummy and looks like a demogorgon, it only requires 3 ingredients: dark chocolate, white chocolcate, and strawberries!

stranger things halloween party theme demogorgon dessert
Recipe Here: Not Quite Nigella

Mini Eggo Waffle Cupcakes

Make mini waffles and place them on top of cupcakes, or use the free printable below to have Eggo toppers!

stranger things halloween party theme eggo cupcakes
Recipe Here: Rosanna Pansino

Upside Down Cocktail

Sip this cocktail inspired by the Upside Down – just don’t drink so much that you end up upside down yourself! 😉

stranger things halloween party theme upside down cocktail
Recipe Here: Best Day of the Week

Stranger Things Music Playlists

Set the Stranger Things Halloween mood by playing music – either from official playlists or ambience videos.

Spotify Official Playlist

stranger things halloween party theme spotify playlist

YouTube Playlist

stranger things halloween party theme youtube playlist
Playlist Here: YouTube Season 4 Playlist

Stranger Things ASMR Ambience

If you don’t want music and would rather have a spooky Upside Down ASMR atmosphere instead, check out this ambience video on YouTube. It includes a thunderstorm, demogorgon sounds, and nearby synthwave. Put it on your TV in the background and it will truly make you and your guests feel like the Mind Flayer is nearby.

stranger things halloween party theme upside down ambience
Video Here: Spooky ASMR

Your Stranger Things Halloween vibe is complete!

“Friends Don’t Lie”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to creating your own Stranger Things Halloween theme. We want you to have the best Stranger Things Halloween, so hopefully these decorations, recipes, and playlists can turn your home into the perfect setting for your Halloween party!

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