As the leaves turn and fall off the trees, it’s time to bring out your show-stopping wreaths! Wreaths are the perfect first step for decorating your home during fall. Fall Wreaths are the first impression your home makes – so we would love to share some incredible wreaths that will leave an amazing, long-lasting impression.

We’ve organized these gorgeous wreaths into 4 different categories: classic, modern, colorful, and unique. Find a wreath that speaks to you and get ready to dazzle your neighbors!

fall wreaths welcoming entry
Photo: Southern Living

Classic Fall Wreaths For A Cozy Feeling

Wreaths are the first impression you make on visitors or passersby – impress them with these beautiful fall wreaths that are classic, timeless, and the perfect decoration for Fall.

Orange Berry Wreath

Purchase Here: Elegant Wreath

Autumnal Acorn & Leaves Wreath

Purchase Here: Ever Blooming Original

Fall Leaves Wreath

fall wreaths autumn leaves
Purchase Here: A Final Touch Door Decor

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Modern Hoop Fall Wreaths For A Chic Display

Maybe you love the look of classic Fall wreaths, but want to update it so it’s a bit more modern? Look no further. Hoop wreaths are the perfect way to have an elevated look, but still have a comforting, cozy feeling. Here are a few of our favorites.

Brown Mustard Hops Wreath

Purchase Here: Nova Wreaths

Elegant Hoop Wreath With Velvet Pumpkins

Purchase Here: Creations By Joy Belle

Pampas Grass & Cattail Wreath

Purchase Here: Rebecca Low Studio

Fall Wreaths Full Of Color

When you think of Fall, you usually think of the colors orange, red, and yellow. Fall is definitely not limited to these 3 colors! Enjoy these wreaths that have a rainbow of colors – they’re like Autumn eye candy!

Multi-Colored Eucalyptus Wreath

Purchase Here: Lark and Lotus Jewelry

Rainbow Autumnal Plants Wreath

Purchase Here: Carolina Gifts 4 You

Colorful Peonies Wreath

fall wreaths colorful peony
Purchase Here: Designs By Jessica P

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Unique Fall Wreaths That Are Just A Little Different

Hand-made Felt Flowers Wreath

Purchase Here: Juliettes Design TR

Dried Corn Shucks Wreath

Purchase Here: Sanderson Wreaths

Folded Book Pages Wreath

fall wreaths book pages
Purchase Here: The Paper Wren

The Gem Of The Neighborhood

We’re not about wanting to make neighbors jealous, but, any of these beautiful fall wreaths may have that effect. Hanging a wreath on your front door is an easy way to instantly decorate your home for the new season. Best of all, you’ll be greeted every day by a stunning piece of art and you’ll immediately feel happier upon walking into your home.