As we continue through the year, it’s always interesting to look back on the interior design styles that have caught our eye in the past. At Everline Art, we’ve featured a range of beautiful and unique interior design styles that continue to inspire us. From the harmonious blend of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics in Japandi to the relaxed and bohemian vibe of Coastal Boho, there’s something for everyone.

In this blog post, we’ll count down our top 10 interior design styles that we’ve featured on Everline Art, providing you with fresh ideas and inspiration for your home.


Let the countdown begin!

10. Luxury Black

Luxury black interior design is a bold and sophisticated style that’s all about creating a dramatic and glamorous atmosphere. The use of black, whether it’s on walls, furniture, or accessories, creates a sense of elegance and refinement. When done right, the contrast between the black elements and other textures and colors can make a space feel truly luxurious.

While it may seem like a daring choice, the beauty of all-black interior design is that it can be incorporated into any room or style, from a modern and minimalistic living room to a more traditional and ornate bedroom. Whether it’s through statement pieces or a more understated approach, black is a color that always commands attention and exudes a sense of luxury. When you browse through photos, you’ll find that all-black rooms aren’t as intense as you may first think.

9. Maximalism

On the other side of the interior design spectrum from pure black is color! Maximalism is a style that celebrates the idea of more is more. It’s all about creating an eclectic and bold space that’s full of personality, color, and texture. In a maximalist interior, there’s no such thing as too many patterns, prints, or accessories. Every element in the room is carefully curated and intentionally placed to create a sense of drama and visual interest.

While maximalism may seem overwhelming to some, it’s a style that allows for creativity and individuality. Whether it’s through a mix of vintage and modern pieces, an abundance of vibrant colors and textures, or unexpected design elements, maximalism is a fun and exciting way to bring a unique and personalized touch to any space.

8. Japandi

We’ll be honest, we are big fans of Japanese-inspired interior design. The first style featured that’s inspired by the minimalism of Japanese design is Japandi. Japandi is a fusion style that combines the simplicity and warmth of Scandinavian design with the timeless elegance of Japanese aesthetics. This minimalist style features natural elements, such as wood and stone, paired with a muted color palette and clean lines.

Japandi is all about creating a cozy and inviting space that promotes relaxation and mindfulness. The key to achieving this style is to focus on balance and harmony, both in terms of colors and textures. Japandi interiors are often uncluttered and free of unnecessary decoration, with the focus on highlighting the beauty of the materials and design elements used. This style is perfect for those who appreciate the calming effects of minimalism but still crave a touch of warmth and comfort in their living space.

7. Art Deco

While Art Deco is not the most current or trendy interior design style these days, we have to say after showcasing 15+ stunning Art Deco bathrooms, we are truly inspired. Art Deco is a glamorous and opulent style that originated in the 1920s and features bold geometric shapes, luxurious materials, and a rich color palette of golds, silvers, and jewel tones.

Art Deco interiors are all about drama and sophistication, with a focus on sleek lines and decorative accents. Art Deco is perfect for those who love to make a statement and enjoy a touch of luxury in their home. While it may seem like a throwback to a bygone era, Art Deco is an elegant style that will always remain timeless. We think it deserves to have a comeback!

6. Wabi Sabi

We first mentioned Japandi and the mixture of Japanese and Scandinavean design influences – Wabi Sabi is an interior design style that focuses more on a philosophy. Wabi Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic philosophy that emphasizes the beauty of imperfection and simplicity. This style is all about embracing natural materials, textures, and colors, and finding beauty in their inherent flaws and asymmetry.

Wabi Sabi interiors often feature muted earth tones, raw materials such as wood and stone, and organic shapes. Wabi Sabi is a style that promotes mindfulness, encouraging us to appreciate the beauty in the everyday and find joy in simplicity. This style is perfect for those who seek a sense of calm and tranquility in their living space, and appreciate the beauty in imperfection. We love an interior design style that not only looks good, but is all about living life mindfully!

5. Zen

Like mentioned earlier, we love styles inspired by Japan – here’s another way of transforming your home so it is a calm and peaceful oasis. Like Wabi Sabi, Zen design is not just about appearance, it’s also about the philosophy and how the design and decor make you feel. Zen interior design is all about creating a peaceful and calming atmosphere that promotes relaxation and mindfulness. Zen interiors feature clean lines, natural materials such as wood and stone, and a minimalistic approach to decoration.

Zen interiors often feature elements such as rock gardens, Buddha relics, bamboo accents, and shoji screens. The idea behind this style is to create a tranquil and serene space that allows you to escape the stress of everyday life. Perhaps you can incorporate this style into your meditation room or corner? Ommm at hommmme.

4. Cottagecore

While “Cottagecore” could be classified more as an aesthetic or a vibe, we still think it’s a style that is 100% worth incorporating into your home. Cottagecore is a nostalgic and romantic interior design style that draws inspiration from the simple and rustic lifestyle of the countryside. This style features a mix of vintage and handmade elements, including floral prints, lace, and natural materials such as wood and wicker.

Cottagecore is all about creating a cozy and inviting space that feels like a retreat from the fast-paced modern world. This style is characterized by its use of pastel colors, whimsical patterns, and charming accessories such as vintage books, floral arrangements, and tea sets. Cottagecore is perfect for those who love a warm and inviting atmosphere, and enjoy the idea of incorporating elements of nature into their home. Whether you live in a rural area or a bustling city, Cottagecore is a style that can transport you to a simpler, more idyllic time. Bring on the nostalgia…

3. Modern Japanese

Our favorite Japanese-inspired style is Modern Japanese interior design. It’s a style that combines traditional Japanese aesthetics with a contemporary and minimalist approach. This style is characterized by its use of natural materials, such as wood and stone, and a focus on simplicity and functionality. Modern Japanese interiors often feature sliding doors, low furniture, and a neutral color palette with subtle pops of color or sharp lines.

Modern Japanese interiors also incorporate elements of nature, such as indoor plants, and the use of natural light to create a connection to the outdoors. The result is a space that feels organic and harmonious, with a strong emphasis on balance and proportion. Modern Japanese is perfect for those who appreciate the elegance and beauty of traditional Japanese design, but also prefer a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic.

2. Eclectic

Colorful Eclectic is a fun and vibrant interior design style that celebrates individuality and self-expression. This style is all about mixing and matching different colors, patterns, and textures to create a unique and eclectic space that reflects your personality. Colorful Eclectic interiors are all about bold and bright hues, playful patterns, and a mix of vintage and modern furniture pieces.

This style is characterized by its playful and whimsical approach to decoration, with unexpected pairings of colors and patterns. The key to achieving this style is to have fun and not take yourself too seriously – it’s all about being creative and letting your personality shine through. If you love to show off your personality and expirement with color and textures, you should definitely consider this eclectic theme!

1. Coastal Boho

Coastal Boho is a laid-back and bohemian interior design style that incorporates elements of the beach and the ocean into its design. This style is all about creating a relaxed and breezy atmosphere that evokes the feeling of being on vacation. Coastal Boho interiors showcase natural materials, such as wicker and rattan, and a mix of patterns and textures, such as macramé and fringed textiles.

This style is characterized by its use of a neutral color palette, such as white and beige, with pops of blue and green that evoke the colors of the ocean. For this style, you’ll want to incorporate seashells, wicker, or plants to create a sense of beachy serenity. The result is a space that feels light and airy, with a sense of relaxed bohemian elegance. Coastal Boho is great for you if you love the beach and want to bring a bit of coastal charm into your living space, while still maintaining a bohemian and laid-back vibe.

We are all about minimal, airy, and relaxing spaces – and Coastal Boho design blends all of our favorite design elements!

To Be Continued…

And there you have it! Our top 10 interior design styles! We’re so excited to continue sharing more styles this year – the interior design world is constantly evolving and we can’t wait to navigate the upcoming trends this year and beyond.

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