Everline Art was created to share the love for traveling and great destinations around the world. As a world traveler myself, I came to learn how each destinations is unique and has its own charm.

My inspiration stems from not only destinations I’ve been to, but from all over the world. I’m inspired by cities, big and small. I want to capture a city’s charm in unique continuous line drawings that you can’t find anywhere else.

Everlineart Ipad Drawing
Every piece of artwork is carefully created by hand.

With my one line drawings, I hope to bring up good old memories in people who have lived or traveled to these destinations. While creating them, they certainly bring up good memories for me too, because every city has an environment and energy that has impacted me in a big way.

Hong Kong Skyline at night

My Philosophy

I want to give my customers the most unique artwork with the greatest quality and longevity.

As a UX designer and vector artist, I crave simplicity and aesthetics. As our lives get busier in all aspects day by day, it is important that we keep our environment simple. Because external clutter creates internal clutter. This is a simple life philosophy that I keep in mind and try to infuse into my artwork.

Sometimes it only takes a single line…

And that is why most of my artwork consists of only one continuous line. It is not easy to condense all the visual complexities into a single line art piece, but I do my best to make it visually pleasing so you can proudly show off your artwork to friends and family.