Sharing the love

At EverlineArt, we strongly believe in the concept of Ayni, the reciprocity of life. We know that nothing can sustain in a vacuum and we all need to live together peacefully and sharing resources to increase life for all. That is why we are giving back part of our revenue to organizations that are making an impact in developing countries as a contribution to keep the prosperity energy flowing.

Charity Water

clean & Safe water

When living in a developed country, it is very easy to take resources like clean drinking water for granted because it is available everywhere and anytime. But for a lot of people around the world, this is not the case. That is why we support Charity Water to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

plant a tree

Supporting reforestation

Because we are bringing unique art prints to our customers, we need to be mindful that we cannot just take from mother nature without leaving a gap. That is why we support the OneTreePlanted project that helps reforestation around the world.