Take a look around you right now. Do you see any bare corners that could use some love? Corners that are boring and uninspired? In this article, I will show you how you can turn your empty corners into spaces that you’ll want to spend all your time in. No matter the size, any corner can become a creative, yet practical, space! These 5 cozy corner ideas are sure to make any room more magical.

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Cozy Book nook

The most common cozy corner is a reading nook. Place a comfy chair and some books in your corner, and you’ve got a cozy reading nook (or a cute coffee corner!). Add in some unique lighting and fuzzy blankets, then your corner is ready to make its aesthetic Pinterest debut!

How to make your Book Nook more unique:

  • Add pops of color, patterns, or textures.
  • Hang fairy lights on the wall or within your curtains.
  • Hang a picture on your bookshelf (photo 5).

Aesthetic Background

Decorate your empty corner for the purpose of filming videos, taking selfies, and Zoom calls. Display plants, aesthetic art, and even unique paint designs so you can always have a beautiful backdrop for your TikToks and YouTube videos.

How to make your Content Corner go viral:

  • Paint large, natural-color designs directly on the corner for a pop of dimension.
  • Use minimal line art (*ahem* like Everline Art!) so it’s not distracting from you.
  • Consider large plants like dried pampas grass (photo 1) or monstera (photo 3).

Cuddle Corner

Lay down some blankets and pillows and turn your corner into your favorite napping nook. Hang a canopy to block off the rest of the world and enter Dream Land. How can you not want to hop into these cozy corners and sleep, watch Netflix, or snuggle (even the chair in the large photo below is called the “Snuggle Chair!”)?! The more pillows, the better!

Cuddle Corner Spotlight

Check this out! A ‘dog bed’ made for humans! This is literally made for napping! “Inspired by the classic dog bed, the Plufl is designed to alleviate stress and anxiety by providing a space where you can rest, recharge, and rejuvenate.” (Plufl is still in their crowdfunding phase, so products will be available for delivery in January 2023.)

cozy corner ideas nap time
Photo: Plufl

meditation Space

Space out in your peaceful meditation space. Surround yourself with plants, meditation cushions, and candles. Calm down after a busy day and clear your mind. There’s no place like home. Ommmmmm….

What every Meditation Space should have for maximum zen:

  • Cushion/pillows – possibly prop against the wall for back support while meditating.
  • Incense burner, palo santo, candles, or your favorite scent that will get you in the zone.
  • Plants, affirmation notes, crystals, or anything that gets you in touch with your magical self.

Ideally: your sacred space should be your space to disconnect from any stresses in reality and reconnect with your inner Self. So consider making this corner a cell phone/screen-free zone. You can also regularly burn sage to cleanse the energy of this space.

corner office

Typically it’s the higher-ups that get the lucky corner office – but we can create our own, no matter the size of our corner! You can find high-quality desks that perfectly fit into any corner. Make the CEO’s jealous with your custom work-from-home office!

How to optimize your Corner Office for maximum productivity:

  • Use a standing desk so you can change your position often (photo 4).
  • Place your laptop/computer against your window so there is no glare on your screen.
  • Use an extension cord that includes USB (and USB-C) ports so nothing ever dies on you while working.
  • My personal office game-changer: using a laptop stand and a bluetooth keyboard (I’m obsessed with my Logitech Pop Keys keyboard!). Having my laptop level with my eyes saves my neck and has eliminated my headaches.

No corner should ever be left unused. Take a look again at your empty corners, and imagine it as a zen space, office, or book nook. What would you like to turn your corner into?