The home office may have always been a staple in homes and apartments around the world, but surely no one had anticipated just how vital they would be to the lives of working individuals during the pandemic. 

With so many people living a hybrid schedule of both in-office and at-home work, or even working from home entirely, the home office has become less of a place for the family computer, and more of an extension of Self

Because it’s grown so much in importance, it’s only right for you to put a little thought into what the WFH space looks like, from aesthetic to functionality, so you can feel the most productive when it’s time to get down to business.

Here, you’ll find the best ways to set up your home office space (and some extra special ways to make it feel more like home) so you can work hard and enjoy every second of it!

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Keep It Professional Is A Must

A home office space is meant to be an area of productivity – so it’s important that you place professionalism at the forefront of your mind. If your space is functional, it allows you to effectively pay attention to your work. Adversely, a space that doesn’t honor your work will keep you off track.

1. Think About Your Needs

Really take a moment to think about what your scope of work is. Do you run an online coaching business that needs a big screen, good microphone or camera and nice background for your zoom calls? Are you an aspiring makeup artist who needs to account for space and lighting to create amazing video content? Or do you work as an analyst for a corporation and need a lot of space for organization?

It is essential that you take some time to plan before you start designing, in order to have a clear vision of what you want to create. Make a list of the things you definitely need to have versus things you want but don’t necessarily need. This will keep your purchases in perspective and ensure that none of the pieces you buy are sitting and collecting dust. 

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2. Storage Space Is Vital

Regardless of niche, you’ll need to find everything a proper home. The last thing you need in your workplace is loose papers, cables everywhere, or piles of clutter. Proper storage will save you time rifling through things to find what you need, and it will keep your place looking tidy.

A cluttered office = a cluttered mind!

We’re not saying you need to drop money on a filing cabinet – simply grabbing some bins from the dollar store to place things in, or getting desk organizers to tidy up the inside of your pen and stationary drawer can make a world of a difference. Thankfully, there are a lot of affordable filing cabinets and desk organizers that are also aesthetic.

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3. Use Multifunctional Pieces For highest Flexibility

Learn to be flexible. A frigid work environment can end up biting you in the you-know-what. Having a set work layout may seem enticing at first, but the truth is, the human mind likes to be stimulated. Falling into a routine can have you feeling complacent after a while, so finding furniture that can change on a whim is vital to production longevity.

So, I encourage you to invest in pieces that can do multiple.

Adjustable desks are currently very popular and can help you to change your body posture so you’re not sitting the whole day. Combined with an office chair that massages your back can create ultimate comfort. Or how about a desk that doubles as an exercise bike?!

Pieces that can do more are more likely to be utilized, and they’ll keep you from getting bored or burned out in your work environment!

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4. Use the right lighting to set the mood

Whether you realize it or not, you have a lighting preference. It could be cool, white lights, or warm ambient glows, or it could even be natural lights! That being said, take the time to think about what kind of light you like to work in.

Maybe bright, white lights are a little too sterile for your liking. If that’s the case, buy warm string lights or a golden overhead light to keep your space feeling warm. Ambient lighting make you sleepy? Switch out the bulbs in your room for LED lights.

Regardless of your artificial lighting preference, the feel and look of natural light is something we can all benefit from. Face your desk toward the window so you can soak up as much sun as possible! Facing the window is also great if you’re often in Zoom meetings or recording content for social media.

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5. Leverage Color Psychology to boost Creativity, Focus or Relaxation

Did you know that certain colors can trigger emotions in the human brain? This is something you can use to your advantage when you’re thinking of the color of your walls, flooring, or accessories. There are a few colors that are beneficial to use in home offices.

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  • Blue shades mimic the color of the sky on a bright day, which in turn soothes and energizes the mind, generating calming energy.
  • Red is a natural energizer, bringing vivacious and confident energy into your space.
  • Yellow is another natural energizer and promotes happiness and positivity.
  • Browns and other neutral shades emanate stability and professionalism.

So take your time in making your choice – I recommend thinking of how you want to feel in your office, and then choose the color based on color psychology (and of course your personal preferences).

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6. Tidiness For A Clear Mind

As we mentioned earlier, keeping things clean helps you get work done. Take time throughout the day to put things into their correct place: pens go in the pen holder, files in the drawers, sewing tools back in their designated pockets, whatever it may be – it’ll keep you from feeling cluttered and overwhelmed!

If you want some organization inspiration, click on the image below to see a quick video that will make you want to create a home for every little thing in your office:

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Let’s talk Home Office Aesthetics

Now it’s time for the fun stuff! Remember that this office space isn’t a cubicle at an office – it’s in your home. That alone gives you more freedom over the feel of the space than you would have in a dedicated work environment. Have fun with it!

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1. Decorate Accordingly

Once you make a decision as to what you’re going to be utilizing your work space for, try and find decor that emanates that message or the goals you want to make! 

Run a yoga YouTube channel where you share workout routines? Maybe get a piece of decor, like our own hand-drawn line art of a woman in bridge pose to inspire your subscribers.

home-office-ideas -Yoga Line Art

Are you a blogger or writer and want to work in a big city? Purchase and frame a sketch of the place you want to work, like this art piece of New York City, to motivate you to keep aiming high!

home office ideas Manhattan Art

2. Don’t forget to love yourself

Let’s be honest. Humans are social creatures and working from home alone a a lot can really put a dent on our psychology.

It is really important that to be gentle and remind ourselves that we’re on this planet for a reason.

Consider taking the time to put up some other forms of motivation with your art! Maybe you motivate yourself by putting a to-do list in eyesight that you can cross each goal off from. Or a habit-tracker or calendar that keeps your goal in mind.

You can also choose to put motivational quotes around your space. You can print these out and frame them, or even set your desktop wallpapers and other electronic lock screens to have quotes that remind you to stay on track. 

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Humans need rewards – and you’re working hard! Find ways to give yourself a pat on the back when you’ve earned them, and ways to keep you working hard. Maybe you have a candy jar full of treats that you can munch on whenever you get a task done.

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3. Scent Therapy to stimulate your senses

Just like with colors, different scents can make all the difference in your productivity! You may know what scents make you want to cozy up (freshly-baked cookies and cocoa), but what about smells that stimulate the senses and keep you feeling alert and ready to work?

It can be different for everyone, but some of the most popular fragrances for productivity include:

  • Peppermint
  • Lemon
  • Cinnamon 

Once you find your ideal smell, keep it located in your home office only. Why? So that when you smell it, your body recognizes that it’s time to get down to business! 

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4. Necessary Electronics

In this day and age, practically every job calls for us to use electronics. This could mean a desktop computer, a laptop, phone – or any mixture of the three! Unfortunately, that means that it’s also all too easy for us to get distracted by these things too.

To combat this, make sure that you use the least amount of electronics possible to get your work done (that likely means no TV’s in your work space- sorry!). Try to keep your desk minimal with only what you need, and perhaps place other devices in a drawer or on a shelf.

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5. Invest In Things You Love

Last, but certainly not least, is to find pieces you love and invest in them. It may seem easy enough, but how many times have you found yourself settling for the cheaper or more value-priced item when you’re shopping?

Finding pieces that spark joy helps you connect to your workplace and turn it into an environment you value rather than a place you get tired of being in after a few hours. Buy beautiful artwork, coordinating cases for your electronics, or plants to ‘keep you company,’ etc. You’ll thank yourself in the long run!

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, even the most subtle changes or additions in furniture and decor can make all the difference in your productivity and the flow of your workplace. But whether you’re shifting your desk to face a different direction, or simply hanging up an inspiring piece of wall art, you’re making home office decisions that you should be proud of! Happy working!

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