‘Tis the season to be cozy! 🎶☕️🧶

We’re so excited to share this specially curated list of gifts for the homebody in your life. Or perhaps, you’re the homebody, looking for some gift ideas to add to your wish list. No matter the case, one thing is certain, as you explore these gift ideas for homebodies, you are bound to find at least one (or ten!) perfect gifts that any homebody would adore!

Within this Cozy Gift Ideas For Homebodies Guide, you’ll discover:

  • Cozy apparel and accessories to snuggle up with.
  • Hobbies and activities that are meant to be done while cozy at home.
  • Gifts designed for beauty, health, and well-being.
  • Home decor that is made for homebodies.
  • A range of gifting options for every budget.
  • Several gifts that have gone viral on TikTok, for good reason.
  • Almost every gift comes from small, independent businesses (Sorry, but Amazon has enough money already…).

Are you ready? Grab a warm blanket, have your hot cocoa ready, and let’s go shopping…

cozy autumn decor orange fuzzy blanket
Photo: Pinterest

Wrap Yourself In Comfort With These Gifts

1. Bamboo Pajama Set

Let’s begin by setting a cozy tone, so we can relax and explore these gift ideas for homebodies. Of course we have to start with a pajama set – and this bamboo set has gone viral for good reason. They’re not just incredibly comfortable; they also help regulate your body temperature, ensuring you’re never too hot or too cold. And the addition of pockets? Well, that’s always a bonus. It’s no surprise they earned a spot on Oprah’s Favorite Things list in 2019.

cozy gift ideas for homebodies cozy earth viral pajamas oprah e1697527022190

2. Knitted Boot Slippers

Is it even possible to embrace the homebody lifestyle without a soft, knitted pair of slippers? These are the ever-popular boot slippers that come with a faux-fur lining and soft soles. Oh, and they go by the name “Cloud Slippers.” Who doesn’t want to walk on a cloud at home?

cozy gift ideas for homebodies cozy slippers e1697527180419

3. Cozy Club Athletics Crewneck

This Cozy Club Athletics crewneck sweatshirt has gone viral on TikTok for how adorable it is. There’s nothing better than putting on an over-sized sweatshirt and reading a good book or playing on your Switch (our kind of athletics 😉). This crewneck is definitely made for those cozy days and nights at home!

cozy gift ideas for homebodies cozy club athletics crewneck wild rina

4. Winter Gift Box

Want to gift the homebody in your life the perfect bundle of cozy? This winter gift box comes with a throw blanket, gingerbread cookies, mug, caramels, ornament, gold spoon, hot chocolate, and a greeting card. This is the perfect gift for someone who may be a little bit picky or you’re not sure what to get for them. You can’t go wrong with a box filled with a plethora of charming gifts.

cozy gift ideas for homebodies christmas gift basket blanket

5. Warmies Teddy Bear

Who says we can’t have a teddy bear as an adult? Warmies are special stuffed animals designed for warmth and comfort. They’re unique because you can warm them up in the microwave, turning them into a cozy, huggable heater. These cozy companions provide a warmth that’s perfect for chilly evenings. Whether your homebody recipient is looking to relax, de-stress, or just enjoy a bit of warmth, Warmies make for a heartwarming (pun intended) gift.

cozy gift ideas for homebodies warmies teddy bear e1697527611422

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Hobby Gifts Perfect For Homebodies

6. Reading Journal Bundle

The items from The Quirky Cup Collective have gained massive popularity on TikTok and tend to sell out quickly upon release. This bundled set is a must-have (and is currently available – get it while you can!), featuring a beautifully designed reading journal, a matching pen, a bookmark, and the viral book sleeve – perfect for a journal, book, or even a kindle. The reading journal’s unique charm comes from its elaborate hand-drawn pages, providing spaces for jotting down current reads, reviews, and a TBR list (books “to be read”).

cozy gift ideas for homebodies reading journal bundle quirky cup co

7. Personalized Hand-Embroidered Bookmarks

For those homebodies who prefer the feel of paper books over Kindles, these hand-sewn bookmarks make for a thoughtful (and budget-friendly) gift. Custom-created with the recipient’s initial, these bookmarks snugly fit books of all sizes. As we get to enjoy the comfort of our pajamas and slippers, why not extend that coziness to our beloved books with these charming bookmarks?

cozy gift ideas for homebodies felt fabric bookmarks

8. A-Frame Cabin Lego Set

There is a magical feeling when you’re in a cabin in the woods, cuddled up by the fireplace and away from the city’s hustle and bustle. If we don’t have the luxury of escaping to a cabin every weekend, why not build a miniature cabin at home? This Lego cabin set is one of the best gift ideas for homebodies because it’s fun, relaxing, and…you guess it…cozy!

cozy gift ideas for homebodies lego a frame cabin

9. How To Draw Super Cute Things

Adult coloring books have been quite the trend the past several years, and Bobbie Goods certainly has some of the cutest coloring books on the market. But maybe you want your gift to go even a step further and not just provide pages to color, but inspiration to actually draw. This book is filled with simple tutorials on how to draw super cute things. From precious baked goods to cute houseplants, from lovable animals to cozy coffee shop scenes, this book is sure to elevate anyone’s doodling experience.

10. Autumn Girl Embroidery Kit

Girl Got Thread has a plethora of embroidery kits that will be loved by homebodies looking for a new hobby. They’re intended to be for beginners and include illustrated instructions and video tutorials. Pictured below is the Autumn Girl kit, but there are several other homebody-style designs that will make anyone feel cozy at home. Plenty of gift ideas for homebodies to be found.

cozy gift ideas for homebodies autumn girl embroidery kit

11. Premade Undated Bullet Planner

If you are anything like me, you absolutely adore the concept of bullet journals, but perhaps you find it challenging to maintain them due to the patience (and artistic skill) they require. This gift is an ideal choice for anyone wanting the bullet journal experience without the need for extensive, time-consuming artistry. It’s an undated planner, so the recipient can start using their planner at any time. The planner comes complete with hand-drawn themed pages, including calendar pages, habit trackers, mood logs, bucket lists, goal sections, and other creative pages for documenting the year ahead.

cozy gift ideas for homebodies yourbujo premade bullet planner journal

12. Astrological Planner

For those who appreciate a more elaborate and intricate planner, the Magic of I planner might be the perfect gift. It comes in a variety of stunning colors and editions, yet they all share a whimsical theme of magic and the cosmos woven into their pages. Packed with unique features, this planner helps you manage every aspect of your life. From essential calendars to tracking your menstrual cycle, moon cycles, retrogrades, intentions, and even including an astrological reference guide – it offers a comprehensive tool for organizing your life in a magical way!

cozy gift ideas for homebodies magic of i 2024 planner mushroom

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Gifts To Elevate Beauty, Health, & Self-Care

13. Claw Clip

You can’t have a ‘cozy gift ideas for homebodies’ list without including a way to toss up your hair. Having a claw clip in your hair means you’re so ready to relax. These specific claw clips are so popular because not only are they extremely durable (and actually hold up your hair), but they’re also incredibly comfortable. With a range of standard neutral colors that match any look (*ahem* pajamas), as well as seasonal styles for an extra touch of fun and flair, these clips are perfect for any homebody who appreciates both comfort and style.

cozy gift ideas for homebodies white claw clip teleties e1697528411444

14. Knitted Sweater Nail Stickers

Wrap your nails in cozy knitted sweaters with these 3D nail stickers! These are self-adhesive nail decals that are embossed with knitted hats and knitted sweater patterns. Perfect for those chilly, snuggle-up days or to showcase your love for all things cozy, these nail stickers add warmth to your overall look.

cozy gift ideas for homebodies cozy knit sweater nail stickers

15. Energizing Eye Masks

Homebodies typically prioritize their self-care routine, so gifting these energizing eye masks will no doubt make them excited. As the package says, “It’s like an energy drink for your eyes.” Whether used during a cozy evening in or to kickstart the day, these eye masks are a thoughtful and practical gift for those who appreciate the rejuvenating power of self-care.

cozy gift ideas for homebodies grace and stella energizing eye gels

16. Freesip Water bottle

Staying hydrated is one of the top priorities in any homebody’s self-care routine. While Stanley water bottles are the ‘It’ bottle of the year, the Owala water bottle is giving them a run for their money. These water bottles stand out thanks to their practical design, featuring both a built-in straw and a wide-mouth opening. This allows you to choose between leisurely sipping or chugging your cold water quickly. Since this water bottle has so many convenient extras such as a handle, a secure lock, and reliable leak-proofing, it’s a great practical gift. And the many color combinations to choose from means they’re made for everyone.

cozy gift ideas for homebodies owala freesip waterbottle

17. Blue Apron Meal Kits

We all know it can be stressful meal planning the week, let alone cooking all the meals! So with Blue Apron, you can have fresh ingredients delivered straight to your door and all you have to do is the cooking part. (I used Blue Apron for years and LOVED the meals and how simple they were to make!) It makes you feel like a chef at home, and it’s also great that you can select meals based on your dietary needs. You can gift a ‘Meal E-Gift Card’ so the recipient can use it toward any subscription.

thoughtful housewarming gift ideas blue apron meal kit gift card

18. Oura Ring

Since we’re talking about sleep, the Oura ring could be a great accompaniment to the SuperLatte. Oura tracks your sleep quality and sleep stages with research-grade sensors. You’ll see if you’re getting enough deep sleep, REM sleep, and light sleep every night, and you’ll know how to improve it with the handy app. It also tracks your menstrual cycle, heart rate, readiness, and many more beneficial habits. Who knew a a little ring could detect so much! Bonus that it’s stylish.

cozy gift ideas for homebodies oura ring e1697528684535

19. Bath Bomb Bundle

You can never go wrong with bath time goodies. Packed with 12 limited-edition holiday gems, this bundle is bursting with festive bath bombs, bubble bars, a body lotion, shower gel, shower jelly and more. Your homebody recipient can discover a new product every day and take their skincare, bath and shower routine to merry-good heights as they enjoy the finest essential oils and freshest ingredients. I know I would love to smell like egg nog every day…

cozy gift ideas for homebodies lush 12 days of christmas

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Decor For the Homebody’s Home

20. Custom One-Line Drawing From Photo

Of course we have to include one of our own masterpieces in this gift guide! Submit a custom request and we will create a detailed one-line drawing of any city skyline of your choice. If your city isn’t already listed, we can create a piece of art just for you or your loved one. It will be created using ONE single line by hand! No AI or bots! Yes, we’re biased, but we truly to think these are a one-of-a-kind gift that should be on everyone’s list!

Custom City Line Art - Main

21. Realistic Food Wax Melts

It’s humorous that on Pompom’s website, you’ll find “DO NOT CONSUME” written everywhere – because these wax melts look so real! I mean, I’m even salivating just by looking at these chocolate chip cookie wax melts. But alas, they are not meant for snacking; but that doesn’t mean they can’t still provide joy and comfort! They’re a great gift for the homebody that wants to fill their home with the delicious scents of cookies, brownies, popcorn, or even donuts! Just remind them that they’re meant for smelling, not eating.

cozy gift ideas for homebodies pompomcandles cookie wax melts

22. Smart Oil Diffuser

Maybe your homebody doesn’t prefer the scent of baked goods, and instead they want their home to smell like a tropical resort. This is a smart oil diffuser where you can set timers and have long-lasting scents up to 120 hours. There are dozens of scents and bundles to choose from, so you’re bound to find something your loved one will love.

cozy gift ideas for homebodies pura diffuser

23. Palo Santo Bundle

Sticking with the scent theme we’re currently on, here’s another option: a gorgeous palo santo bundle. Palo santo can make you immediately feel relaxed and zen. But instead of gifting a simple stick of palo santo, opt for this beautiful bundle with starflowers, a large strawflower, and three rope incense braids. The white neutral look is also simply perfect for the winter solstice.

cozy gift ideas for homebodies stsoleil palo santo bundle e1697528852804

24. Temperature Control Mug

This smart mug allows you to set an exact drinking temperature, so your coffee is never too hot, or too cold. Yes, please!!! There’s nothing worse than cold coffee or having to constantly reheat your drinks. This mug is the solution we all need!

cozy gift ideas for homebodies electric heated mug ember

25. Electric Kettle

I personally think every single household should have an electric kettle – they are far superior to any other kettle! Why wait 5+ minutes for water to boil in a stovetop kettle, when you can have boiling water in less than 30 seconds with an electric kettle? This kettle from KitchenAid is practical, as well as a beautiful statement piece in your homebody’s kitchen.

cozy gift ideas for homebodies electric kettle kitchenaid

26. Hand Warmer Oatmeal Mug

Large mug for oatmeal, check. Small notch for spoon to rest, check. Contoured handle that allows perfect positioning for hands, check. These handmade oatmeal mugs check all the boxes. Bonus that they’re oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Each mug will be unique in its own way since it’s handcrafted – and they’ll surely loved by the recipient. Delicious oatmeal unfortunately not included.


27. Pumpkin Pie Crochet Coaster Set

I have to be honest, I let out a little squeal of excitement when I came across these adorable coasters! Hand-knitted pumpkin pie coasters, with whipped cream on top?! Does it get any cuter?! Probably my favorite item on this ‘cozy gift ideas for homebodies’ list. You’ll find a lot of these coasters online, but only as patterns. These coasters from Mod and Mini Crochet are already crocheted, making them ready to use as soon as the gift is opened – no crocheting required.

cozy gift ideas for homebodies pumpkin pie crochet coasters

28. Winter Wonderland Macbook Case

Turn your laptop into a work of art! While yes, these cases are intended for protection and that’s great. But, truth be told, it’s the artwork that makes this one of the best cozy gift ideas for homebodies. Stardust By Allie is another TikTok viral hit because of her bright and bold designs. These designs are also available for cell phones, airpods, tablets, etc. It’s time to make our electronic devices cute!


29. Official Gilmore Girls Cookbook

Binging Gilmore Girls on Netflix is practically meant to be done during cozy season. So why not accompany some binge sessions with the official cookbook? It features dishes from every corner of Stars Hollow, including Luke’s Diner, the Dragonfly Inn, Al’s Pancake World, and Emily and Richard’s dinner table . Recipes include Sookie’s Risotto, Mrs. Kim’s Flaxseed Muffins, Luke’s Cheeseburger and Fries, and, of course, the perfect cup of coffee! Last but not least, it includes clever cooking tips from Sookie, hosting tips from Michel, etiquette tips from Emily Gilmore, and the wisdom from Lorelai and Rory for cooking fast and talking faster. “It’s a show? It’s a lifestyle. It’s a religion.”

cozy gift ideas for homebodies official gilmore girls cookbook

30. Houseplant Kit

Is your homebody a plant mom or dad? Or maybe they want to have a companion at home that’s not a dog or a cat? This kit includes everything they need to become an official plant parent. This is a 3-month package, so they will receive a new plant baby each month, and everything they need (materials, illustrated instructions, plant care, and fun facts) for growing success. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

cozy gift ideas for homebodies houseplant kit

31. Hand-Drawn Greeting Cards

As we wrap up this curated selection of cozy gift ideas for homebodies, let’s not forget the finishing touch, a heartfelt card. These charming cards are lovingly hand-drawn by PNW illustrator, Sari Jack, whose inspiration stems from a cherished family dream. The Fayble Shop, founded as a tribute to her grandmother’s vision of a flower and gift shop, now offers an array of cards perfect for every occasion and holiday. Each card not only expresses your sentiments but also carries a piece of Grandma Faye’s magic, making it a meaningful addition to any cozy gift.

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Happy Holidays To All The Homebodies

In this holiday guide of cozy gift ideas for homebodies, we’ve explored an assortment of gifts tailored to provide a snug sanctuary to retreat to. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for the homebody in your life, or perhaps even considering treating yourself to a dose of comfort and warmth, these gift ideas for homebodies offer a touch of coziness for every corner of your abode. So, embrace the coziness, share the warmth, and spread the love with these gifts that redefine the art of relaxation and comfort in the comforting embrace of home. Happy Holidays!

cozy autumn decor blankets fairy lights
Photo: Pinterest