If the classic polyester spider webs and orange and black streamers aren’t really your style, we’ve curated a list of modern halloween decorations that are chic and stylish. We recently shared a complete guide for a Stranger Things Halloween, but this list is a more classy affair. Shop this list to make your home suitable for Halloween, but still aesthetic. Boo-la-la!

modern halloween decorations neutral decor
Photo: House of Vandel

So, what makes Halloween decorations modern, chic, and aesthetic?

+ Neutral Colors: muted orange, creams, and black.
+ Minimalism: smaller images or texts – less is more.
+ Gold Accents: gold is the trend right now, so anything with a touch of gold automatically elevates the product.
+ High-Quality Materials: avoid plastics and polyesters and opt for canvas, glass, and of course, gold.

Indoor Modern Halloween Decorations

Trendy Fleece Pumpkin Pillows

Fleece pumpkin pillows have gone completely viral this year, often selling out at big box stores! These pillows are the perfect addition to your cozy evenings of watching Gilmore Girls and drinking hot apple cider…

modern halloween decorations pumpkin pillows
Purchase Here: Nabis Fabrics

Dripping Gold Candles

A little bit of spook, and a little bit of elegance. No matter what vibe you’re going for, these candles are sure to make an impression.

modern halloween decorations gold candles
Purchase Here: Kina Ceramics

Enchanting Floating Candles

These candles require a little bit of DIY, but Mallory Fletchall of Reserve Home, created this incredible display in her living room. You can use string, fishing line, or even floss to hang these battery-operated candles from your ceiling. Turn your living room into the Hogwarts Great Hall!

modern halloween decorations floating candles
Purchase Here: Amazon

Glass Corner Spiderweb

We all grew up with the polyester spiderwebs spread across our homes, right? Well, with recent trends and having adult money, we can get a little fancy with our spiderweb decor now! Real spiderwebs are true works of art – why not get a glass spiderweb that’s just as beautiful as the real thing?

modern halloween decorations corner spiderweb
Purchase Here: The Sweet Karma Bar

Pastel Pumpkin Candles

If you want modern Halloween decorations, neutral and pastel colors are the way to go. Whether you light these candles or not, they’re such a cute addition to any room.

modern halloween decorations aesthetic pumpkins
Purchase Here: Marney Ash

Skeleton Yoga Poses

It isn’t Halloween without some kind of skeleton decor. So why not have your skeletons striking some yoga poses? Skeletons, but make them zen.

modern halloween decorations yoga poses skeletons
Purchase Here: Lulu File Shop

Outdoor Modern Halloween Decorations

Fall Balloon Arch Kit

Create the ultimate Halloween entrance with this neutral colors balloon arch. Arch kit includes a pump and you can choose between 38 different colors.

modern halloween decorations aesthetic balloon arch
Purchase Here: Celebrated Party

Farmhouse Pumpkin Wreath

Make your guests ooh and ahh when they arrive at your front door. This wreath includes cream pumpkins, lambs ear, pinecones, berries, grapevine, and leaves (all faux).

modern halloween decorations pumpkin wreath
Purchase Here: Lychee Wreath Boutique

Cozy Pumpkins With Gold Stems

This cane weave pattern pumpkin will add a warm luster to your home. This is an elevated take on glowing gourds, which includes LED lights and gold stems.

modern halloween decorations aesthetic cozy pumpkins
Purchase Here: Gia Roma Lifestyle

Pampas Grass Bundle

This is a bundle of 6 different types of pampas grass that you can place on your entryway, or in any room in your house to immediately give out a cozy & trendy vibe. The greatest aspect about pampas grass is you can display them all year (and no need to water them)!

modern halloween decorations aesthetic pampas grass
Purchase Here: Amazon

Ivy and Bat Wreath

This ivy wreath is cute to begin with, but then add in some bats and a black and white bow, and it’s *chef’s kiss.*

modern halloween decorations bat wreath
Purchase Here: Twisted Pine Wreath

Modern Halloween Art

New Orleans One Line Drawing

New Orleans is a mecca for witchcraft, paranormal, and voodoo – so honor this mystical town with a one line drawing, from yours truly, EverLine Art. This print comes in canvas, framed, digital, or print – and you can order it in black, white, or other various colors.

modern halloween decorations one line new orleans
Purchase Here: EverLine Art

Aesthetic Halloween Art Prints

This bundle of art prints you can frame or pin on the wall includes trendy graphics and sketches. There’s a print for every room in the house that fits in with today’s trends and still gives a Halloween vibe.

modern halloween decorations wall art
Purchase Here: Kiki and Nim

Cozy Words Art Print

It’s impossible to read these words and not feel cozy and happy. Isn’t Autumn the best?! Sometimes we don’t need images of these Fall favorites – even seeing the words can evoke the same cozy feelings.

modern halloween decorations hygge words art
Purchase Here: Kiki and Nim

Minimalist Boo! Art

This chic Boo! sign doesn’t need much to make a statement. It’s a fancy art display that is engraved using the artist’s signature hand lettering. The additional bats just make it that much better.

modern halloween decorations aesthetic boo art
Purchase Here: Proper Letter

Aesthetic Halloween Apparel

Modern Witch Hat

One of the most common Halloween costumes in Halloween history is, of course, a witch. Well, what if don’t want to walk around wearing a stiff, point black hat? What if we want to still channel our inner witch, but in a subtle way? These knitted witch hats are the perfect way to do so, because they’re subtle and come in pastel colors. “I’ll get you, my pretty!”

modern halloween decorations witch hat
Purchase Here: We Rock Rocks

Cute Jack-O-Lantern T-Shirt

This adorable t-shirt is too cute for words! Roll up the sleeves, tie up the front, and rock the pretty jack-o-lantern with gorgeous lashes.

modern halloween decorations jack o lantern tshirt
Purchase Here: JoJo Clothing Designs

Cute Gold Ghost Necklace

Again, less is more. This gold (or should I say, “ghould?”) ghost necklace is the perfect homage to Halloween. Simple, but oh so cute!

modern halloween decorations cute ghost necklace
Purchase Here: Necklace Dream World

Minimal Pumpkin Embroidery Crewneck

Put on this cozy crewneck sweater and feel like the cutest pumpkin in town. This embroidered, burnt orange sweater is your Fall wardrobe staple!

modern halloween decorations aesthetic pumpkin crewneck
Purchase Here: Good Scout Supply

Festive, Yet Subdued

If you’re looking for more of the over-the-top, gory Halloween decorations, be sure to check out our Stranger Things Halloween list. But we hope you enjoy this more subdued, neutral, and chic Halloween list! Halloween doesn’t always have to be dark and spooky! You can create the perfect Halloween aesthetic that fits your home and your style without going overboard. Happy Halloween and ‘creep it real’!

modern halloween decorations mantel display
Photo: The Goulden Days