Getting a good night’s sleep with your partner can be challenging. Issues like snoring, stealing covers, and different temperature preferences are common sleep problems for couples and this can lead to fatigue, lack of intimacy, and even resentment in relationships. The Scandinavian sleep method – also referred to as the ‘Scandi sleep method’ – offers an intriguing solution that has been used for generations in Nordic countries. Partners sleep in the same bed but with separate duvets or blankets and this allows each person to customize their own sleep environment.

Of course, with better sleep comes greater energy, positivity, and connection in the relationship during waking hours. This article will explore the origins, benefits, and best practices for trying the Scandinavian sleep method.

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What is the Scandinavian Sleep Method?

The Scandi sleep method involves each partner using separate duvets or blankets on the same bed. It’s a popular practice in Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Denmark, and Norway and provides an alternative to the traditional sharing of blankets. It allows each person to sleep under their preferred type of blanket and customize factors like warmth and feel.

Unlike traditional bed-sharing where couples share the same blanket, the Scandinavian sleep method gives each partner their own covers. This provides more personalization and reduces the common issues faced when two people share one blanket, like stealing covers or disruption when your partner moves.

Origins and History

The Scandinavian sleep method has been a long-time tradition in Nordic countries like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Historically, there are some practical reasons why this style of sleeping evolved in this region of the world.

The colder climates found in Scandinavian countries led residents to adapt their bedding for warmth. Using separate blankets or duvets for each person allowed adaptation to the weather and individual differences in body temperature. Some may prefer thicker, warmer covers while others need less. The flexibility of separate bedding catered to these needs.

This practice is also ingrained as part of the culture in Nordic countries that values personal space and independence within relationships. Even while sharing a bed, having separate covers underscores the idea that each person has their own space and autonomy. This aligns with broader cultural values of Scandinavian societies.

So the origins of the Scandinavian sleep method arose from both practical considerations like weather as well as cultural norms that prioritize personal boundaries. It became tradition passed down through generations in Northern European countries – and now it’s a viral trend that’s taking over the world. And for good reason!

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How the Scandi Sleep Method Works

Rather than sharing one large duvet or blanket, each partner uses their own separate twin-sized duvet or blanket on the shared bed. This allows complete personalization and independence with the type of bedding material, warmth, and overall feel that each person prefers. Typically two twin duvets or blankets are placed neatly on the bed. A key benefit of this setup is that it prevents stealing covers or disruption from your partner. Having two duvets caters to each individual’s sleep habits while still sharing the same bed for togetherness.

Benefits for Sleep

One of the biggest sleep-related perks of using the Scandinavian method is achieving uninterrupted, quality rest. When couples share one blanket, it often leads to disruptions like stealing covers or getting woken up from a partner’s movements. With two separate duvets or blankets, each person can cocoon themselves fully without affecting the other. This prevents disruptions and allows for a peaceful night’s sleep.

The Scandinavian sleep setup also enables each partner to customize and personalize their sleep environment to match their own preferences. One person may prefer a warm and heavy comforter while the other likes a lightweight, breathable blanket. Individual covers allow catering the blanket type, weight, and temperature regulation to each person.

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Benefits for Relationships

The Scandinavian sleep method allows couples to remain close while also respecting each partner’s needs for personal space and comfort in bed. According to experts, “sleeping apart together can promote intimacy and improve your relationship quality.” This kind of goes against how we normally view bedtime intimacy – many view sleeping separately or with their own duvet covers a sign of trouble in a relationship. But, it’s actually the opposite and in fact, can enhance your relationship!

By using separate blankets, couples can compromise and get the benefits of togetherness while still maintaining independence. The method caters to each individual’s preferences so people don’t have to make sacrifices or feel annoyed. How many times have you woken up to your partner rolling over or getting up to go to the bathroom?

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My Personal Experience With The Scandinavian Sleep Method

My partner and I lived in Bulgaria for a few months and the apartment we rented used the Scandi sleep method. At first, I was ready to request one duvet for us to share, and then we decided to give two duvets a try. We slept so well! My partner sleeps very still, while I tend to toss and turn throughout the night. I was always stressed I was waking him up, and with my own separate duvet, that stress completely went away. While in that apartment, we had the best sleep and always woke up fully refreshed!

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Implementing the Scandi Sleep Method

So how can you incorporate the Scandinavian sleep method in your bedroom? Well, obviously the first key step is getting two separate twin-sized duvets or blankets to use in place of one shared blanket. It helps if you have a larger bed, like a queen or king, so that there is enough room for both partners and the separate bedding.

I’d like to add that another step that’s important to take before getting your two duvets, is having a conversation with your partner about the method. Remind each other that two duvets will actually bring you closer and that it’s not a bad thing to not want to sleep under one duvet anymore.

Back to the bedding… Here are some tips for setting up the bedding in a Scandinavian style:

  • Make the bed neatly with crisp, clean lines
  • Use decorative throw pillows and neutral bed linens
  • Layer lighter blankets on top for added texture
  • You can still make two duvets look like one with the right use of pillows and blankets

In terms of the bedroom itself, optimize it for a good night’s sleep by:

  • Keeping the space minimalist and uncluttered
  • Choosing peaceful paint colors like white, gray, or pale blue
  • Using blackout curtains or blinds to darken the room
  • Setting the temperature between 60-67°F for optimal sleep
  • Removing electronics and screens from the sleeping space

Making these simple adjustments to your bedding, décor, and environment can help you implement the Scandinavian sleeping method effectively.

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Tips and Best Practices

Here are some helpful tips and best practices when first implementing the Scandinavian sleep method:

  • Communicate clearly with your partner about your individual preferences for blankets, temperature, and other sleep factors. Discussing these needs upfront can prevent later frustration.
  • Allow yourself an adjustment period to get used to sleeping with separate blankets. It can take time to find the optimal setup that works for both you and your partner.
  • Don’t hesitate to add extra blankets like a light top cover if needed. The core idea is customizing your sleep environment for comfort.
  • Try using white noise or sleep masks if required to block out any disturbances from your partner during the night.
  • Focus intimacy and quality time together outside of the bed to maintain your connection as a couple.

With some communication and experimentation, you’ll find that the Scandi sleep method allows better rest while keeping your relationship strong.

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Potential Challenges

While the Scandinavian sleep method offers many benefits, couples may face some potential challenges when first implementing it.

  • It can take time to adjust to sleeping separately. According to, “The transition period can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks as you get used to your new normal.” Be patient as you and your partner acclimate to this new setup.
  • Finding the right bedding that suits both people’s preferences may require some trial and error. Experiment with different blanket materials, sizes, and warmth levels to customize each side of the bed.
  • Some couples worry about intimacy and closeness with separate covers. Prioritize physical and emotional intimacy outside the bedroom through cuddling, touching, and quality time. The Scandinavian method values independence in sleep while preserving togetherness as a couple.
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Will You Give The Scandinavian Sleep Method A Try?

This novel method allows partners to reap the emotional benefits of sleeping beside their loved one, while tailoring the physical sleep experience to individual preferences. Though an adjustment, the method stands as an effective remedy for many common couple struggles in the bedroom. With some effort and open communication, separating blankets could mean uniting couples through better sleep—and a return to good health and quality time together. By embracing the independence valued in Nordic culture, couples can gain greater intimacy through uninterrupted sleep and freedom from squabbles over covers.